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Osceola Street Cafe in Stuart was good but not great!

roast Duck

The Osceola Cafe was little more than okay! My last time in Stuart on my very last day We chose somewhere special: The Osceola Street Café The reviews that we checked all said it was good, Possibly the best in the entire neighbourhood! Alas, for me it wasn’t much more than Okay…. I must admit …

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Duffy’s had a second chance to make a first impression!

Duffys Sports Grill in Stuart

My first trip to Duffy’s was last Thanksgiving and it was memorable only in its deficiencies, not least of which was the lack of turkey! Since Mike seems to be a particular fan of Duffy’s and we were looking for something fast and easy, we decided to give the downtown Stuart location a chance to …

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Nary a youngster to be seen at Gusto Italian Cuisine!

Gusto Italian Cuisine in Stuart FL

Nary a youngster to be seen at Gusto Italian Cuisine! When in downtown Stuart I wouldn’t say you MUST go to Gusto But if you only speak Italian, it’s probably a plus though.. Though the decor was heavy, the food was quite a delight, But clientele was mostly over the hill, nary a youngster in …

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The Original Pancake House in Jensen Beach is NOT a load of crepe!

Mandarin Crepes

You may be full of crepe when you leave the Original Pancake House There may be some readers who can’t tell pancakes from crêpes, But they’re really quite as different as chimpanzees and apes. The Original Pancake House in Jensen Beach actually does them both, and to go elsewhere for breakfast, I really would be …

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Key Lime Cafe & Grill in Stuart is sweeter than its name implies!

Taquito Trio

Things won’t go sour at Key Lime Cafe & Grill If you’re hungry and in Stuart, don’t miss the Key Lime Grill To find a place this refreshing was really quite a thrill. The food was not the same tired old thing And Island Decor gives the place some zing! And if by chance it’s …

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Shooters Waterfront Cafe may or may not float your boat!

Shooters really misses the mark! Back in Fort Lauderdale and Mike says we’ll go to Shooters I think that name suggests either big guns or Small hooters For the fare that’s on offer, the prices are steep, And, if you like your liquor, at the bill you will weep, But still, it employs the students …

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Duffy’s in Stuart couldn’t talk turkey on Thanksgiving!

Even though we had leftover turkey sitting in the fridge, neither Mike nor I felt like cooking (or re-heating) on Thanksgiving (US), so we decided to head out to one of the very few local restaurants in Stuart, Florida that was actually open for business on the Thanksgiving holiday. Not surprisingly, the place was pretty busy. …

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Flanigan’s in Stuart: Come for Happy Hour, stay for the ribs!

Flanigan's in Stuart, South Florida

My friend Mike had a hankering for some ribs. Who would have guessed that Flanigan’s SeafoodBar and Grill was the best place to get them? As you can see from the picture above, Flanigan’s claims to have been in business since 1959 and has 22 locations throughout South Florida. Since I was staying in Stuart, …

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The Riverwalk Cafe in Stuart is a rare find!

Double cut char grilled pork chop

On a recent trip to Florida, I had the opportunity to visit four different eating establishments in as many days. The Riverwalk Café and Oyster Bar was undoubtedly the best of the bunch. First, I must say that this area of Florida seems to have an identity crisis. I saw and read it being referred …

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E.R. Bradley’s Saloon in West Palm Beach

E.R. Bradley's Saloon in West Palm Beach

Hopefully, my regular readers will forgive me for not having a catchy headline and my usual limerick. To tell the truth, I am way behind with my posts and if I hope to make them even remotely recent, I need to get my butt into gear. I am writing this particular post sitting in the …

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