November 2010 archive

The Black Dog Bistro may be Top Dog in Manotick!

They aren’t Barking up the wrong tree here!  To go to Manotick in winter, we generally need a reason, But each year around Christmas ’tis the right season, With quaint little shops where one finds things that are neat Plus The Black Dog Bistro which is a great place to eat To give it a miss would simply be …

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E.R. Bradley’s Saloon in West Palm Beach

E.R. Bradley's Saloon in West Palm Beach

Hopefully, my regular readers will forgive me for not having a catchy headline and my usual limerick. To tell the truth, I am way behind with my posts and if I hope to make them even remotely recent, I need to get my butt into gear. I am writing this particular post sitting in the …

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Meals at Montana’s were merely meh!

Amber celebrates in style

Is it the Moose that makes Montana’s? You know, it’s getting harder and harder to find rhymes, And what’s more to Montana’s we’ve been a few times Week in and week out, We sure get about! So, I’m sorry for not having new lines ;(  This was one Friday night when we did not have to …

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Make friends with the Pillsbury Dough Boy!

Pillsbury Pop-overs

Pillsbury Pop-overs – Three ingredients, three minutes prep time! [ad name=”Chitika468x120″] Perhaps like me, you occasionally have a brain-freeze and have a hard time deciding what to make for lunch when you are just looking for something simple but different. As I get older, I find that I am no longer satisfied with the same …

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The Un-Chef meets Cordon Bleu Bistro!

A taste of the Good Life in Ottawa! When the girls are away, it’s our chance for fine dining And for the Cordon Bleu Bistro, it’s a while we’d been pining? Though they’ll let you wear jeans, it just won’t feel right… With that decor and food it would be a real slight! It’s not …

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Coconut Lagoon, a hidden Oasis in Ottawa’s East End

Coconut Lagoon Plate

We’ll go back soon to Coconut Lagoon! Yet again, we found ourselves in a usual plight…. All our favourite spots were packed on this Friday night! From Wild Wing we flew ’cause vacancies were few For a while, the Supper Seven were in a right stew! But Coconut Lagoon was nearby so it turned out …

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Joanne’s Blueberry Yoghourt Pot cake – Un-Chef Style…

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There are a lot of would-be cooks who shy away from making cakes because they believe it is either too time-consuming or the results are likely to disappoint! Recently, I was sent a recipe from my son, Ian with the claim that it was both easy and tasty. We took up the challenge and had …

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