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Shooters Waterfront Cafe may or may not float your boat!

Shooters really misses the mark! Back in Fort Lauderdale and Mike says we’ll go to Shooters I think that name suggests either big guns or Small hooters For the fare that’s on offer, the prices are steep, And, if you like your liquor, at the bill you will weep, But still, it employs the students …

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E.R. Bradley’s Saloon in West Palm Beach

E.R. Bradley's Saloon in West Palm Beach

Hopefully, my regular readers will forgive me for not having a catchy headline and my usual limerick. To tell the truth, I am way behind with my posts and if I hope to make them even remotely recent, I need to get my butt into gear. I am writing this particular post sitting in the …

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The Trident on Albert Parade: trid’ent true

It wouldn’t be a normal trip to Eastbourne if we didn’t make our usual pilgrimage to the Trident Fish Restaurant on Albert Parade. You can be forgiven if you feel that the place looks more like a bank than a restaurant because in a former life, that is exactly what it was. However, for the …

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The Marine Pub, where else but on Seaside!

On our recent trip to the UK (June 2010), we once more found ourselves in our old stomping grounds in Eastbourne. I mean, what’s a trip back home if you can’t visit a few pubs? After a driving tour of Southern England, from Essex, through Kent to Sussex after picking up Christa our daughter and Mik our …

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Red Lobster is a great plaice to eat fish on Friday!

Red Lobster St. Laurent Ottawa

[ad#Google Adsense links 468×15] Is Red Lobster the best plaice in Ottawa? On Friday this week, it was Greg’s dearest wish,, that we go to Red Lobster to eat us some fish. But most of us ordered some type of shrimp; Lots of food came, they surely don’t skimp And the sum of our verdicts: …

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