Seasons Harvest Buffet at Turningstone is a bit of a gamble!

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Turningstone, Syracuse

Season’s Harvest Buffet is¬† simply Just Okay

When you’re at Turningstone to gamble,

Your Hunger may be ample

Alas, the Harvest Buffet is not great!
Though it looks good on the plate!

Not so bad if you just want to sample ūüėČ

Since Syracuse is the¬†closest reasonably-sized city to the¬†Canadian border and Ottawa, over the years I have found myself there very often. This time, we were showing our daughter’s parents-in-law a tiny bit of the US¬†and had found a¬†three star hotel on Travelocity’s Secret Hotels for $60 Cdn per night.¬†Our plan was¬†also to show them¬†Turningstone¬†Casino, since we had not managed to get them to either in¬†the¬†Ottawa area.¬†


Where we went: The Turningstone resort and casino complex is located about 25 minutes East of Syracuse just off of Interstate 90. As well as a casino, theatre, golf club and several hotels, Turningstone has half a dozen restaurants with different cuisines and price points.  The Harvest Buffet is located just off the main lobby and is open long hours and offers a wide variety of food. Because it was late and we were all hungry, the buffet seemed to suit our needs best.

What we ordered: Well, this part is short and sweet because we all ordered the buffet. I seem to remember that it is possible to order √† la carte, but why bother¬†ūüėČ

What we got:  If you are a frequent reader of our posts then you will know that I am not a great lover of buffets. The main reason for this is that I believe that most good foods do not lend themselves to being cooked en masse and then being kept warm for an indeterminate amount of time. In addition, there is a tendency for one to eat more than would otherwise be the case. In any event, few restaurateurs would object to having me at their buffet, since I rarely take more than a single plate of food. At the Seasons Harvest Buffet, the food was pretty much exactly what I would have expected: nothing outstanding, nothing totally disgusting. The variety was impressive and presentation was above average but the quality was what one might expect from a school cafeteria

Worthy of note: We have been frequenting Turningstone for a number of years now and there were always two main sticking points. Firstly, smoking is allowed in most areas of the building. Secondly, until recently, no alcohol was allowed except that diners could bring their own wine and have it served in the restaurants. Since my last visit where there had been some significant relaxation of the liquor restrictions, there is now liquor served in all venues.


  • Positives: Reasonable price, wide selection of food.
  • Negatives: Mediocre, mass-produced food!
  • Recommendation: If you are a fan of buffets, this might turn your crank! If you want top quality, stay away!¬†
Category Rating Explanation
Food Quality ** It’s a buffet
Price $$ Inexpensive
Decor *** A little dingy!
Service *** Average
Overall Rating *** Blah


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    • Wayne on August 17, 2013 at 4:42 am
    • Reply

    If you have come East as far as the Turning Stone please come several more miles East on Rt. 5 and enjoy an outstanding meal at Camerons Restaurant in Clinton, New York. If you would like to see some reviews please look up Camerons on Trip Advisor, i’m sure you will not be disappointed…

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