April 2010 archive

There’s no recession in East Syracuse at Joey’s

Turning Stone Resort & Casino

This week, I took a brief business trip South of the Border. About once a month or so, I meet up with my business partner, Mike,  who lives in Vermont. Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Upper New York State, is approximately halfway between our locations, so it is the place that we most often …

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Only 100 Calories? Personally, I’ll take the Chocolate!

100 Calorie Chocolate bar

[ad#Google Adsense links 468×15] It seems that just about everybody these days is counting calories! Dr. Oz, the latest of Oprah’s fitness gurus is always enticing us to eat healthy with some new Superfood! Personally, I find it all a little too much. My personal motto is: ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!’ Anyway, …

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Just down the road from the Pearl is a Ruby (King)

my plate of food

[ad#Google Adsense links 468×15] I have to start off this week by declaring my bias: I am not generally a fan of Chinese Buffets in general and especially not of RubyKing in particular. Every now and then, simply because it is a favourite of a majority of the Supper Seven, I have to allow my …

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Un-Chef’s Black Forest Cake

Done in the microwave in 15 minutes

This recipe which was included in the first edition of the Un-cookbook, had been ignored for a few years until this recent Good Friday. We needed something quick and easy and luckily this time-tested recipe sprung to mind. Every so often, you have a need for an impressive dessert and yet have neither the time …

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The Pearl of India is a jewel in Orleans

Ottawa's East End offers a taste of the Orient!

I am happy to report that the Supper Seven had little difficulty deciding where to eat this Friday. The vote was almost unanimous! Perhaps it was the miserable weather that gave us a hankering for some hearty Indian food. We have yet to find a better example in Ottawa’s east end than Pearl of India. …

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The Salad Days of Summer

Although we do regularly eat salad during the winter, it is at this time of year when we Canadians start to think warmer thoughts, that it really comes into its own! When I was a kid, salad was synonymous with lettuce. The big, green, leafy kind that we used to think was great for rabbits, …

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And why can’t Easter be about coffee too?

Un-Chef Tiramisu

[ad#Google Adsense links 468×15]   If you have been following us for any length of time at all, you will already know that the Un-Chef doesn’t often follow recipes! Even when I come across one that I like, I usually read it, inwardly digest the basics and then make my own concoction. Generally, this will …

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Sing for your supper on Fridays at Broadway

Broadway Bar & Grill Innes/Cyrville

This Friday evening began like so many others with no clear idea of where the Supper Seven would go to eat. We actually ended up taking a vote. Two had voted for Wild Wing on Donald at St. Laurent in Ottawa’s East End. Two more decided to abstain, saying that they had no clear preference. …

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One man’s meat is another man’s poison….

Would YOU eat this?

[ad#Google Adsense links 468×15] Do you say yes to animal rights – or wonder who really cares? From horses to dolphins, frog hearts, dogs, monkey brains and more – find out why these foods are highly controversial via Ten controversial foods from around the world – Yahoo! Canada Travel. It seems to me that this …

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Not Turkish, Nor a Village but worth a visit!

Little Turkish Village

[ad#Google Adsense links 468×15] This past Thursday evening was GNO (Girls Night Out). Ever since our Tupperware days, I have been considered one of the girls so I get to tag along;-) A group of us, anchored by Maureen, have been getting together about once a month for a few years now. We typically meet …

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