Hung Fatt: Chinese food without pizzaz in Gloucester

Hung Fatt Chinese Take OutWe have lived in Beacon Hill in Gloucester for almost 15 years now and as long as we can remember, the sign pictured on the left has been a fixture on Montreal Road and Laporte Street. The exterior of the unassuming building has barely changed either in all that time. However, there has been a major change in the last twelve months, since the previous owner retired last fall.
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The other day, on our way home from a lengthy outing, we decided that Moo Shu pork and mushroom egg drop soup were in order. Normally, we would pick up these items at Kung’s Palace next to Chahaya Malaysiacloser to Montreal Road and Blair. We were somewhat surprised to discover, however, that Kung’s Palace was apparently overrun by the Mongol Horde and now stands for lease. After some prevarication, we decided that we still wanted Chinese food, so we decided to give the new owners of Hung Fatt a chance to show us their stuff.

The first thing we noticed on entering the establishment was that some structural changes have been made and there are now four tables in the waiting area where one could sit and eat, though I don’t think that I would advise it. The menu, which you can find here, has barely changed, so no Moo Shu pork available. We selected Young Chow fried rice, lemon chicken and a third dish, Dai Dop Woey, A Combination of chicken, shrimp, and BBQ pork stir fried with assorted fresh Garden vegetables. Along with two bowls of mushroom eggdrop soup, our bill came to $40, which I found to be somewhat expensive. I have the impression that the new ownership has jacked the prices somewhat.

When we got home and opened up the food, two things were readily apparent: 1. The containers were chock-full and Hung Fatt had not scrimped on the meat and vegetables. 2. The food looked fresh and attractive. Unfortunately, the taste did not match the appearance. Not that we had any specific complaints, it was just all fairly bland. The lemon chicken was probably the best of the lot, since the breading was thin and the chicken was still moist and tender and the lemon sauce was finished with real slices of lemon. The mushroom eggdrop soup was also relatively good. The Young Chow fried rice and the Dai Dop Woey, however, were totally forgettable.

I know that we, as a family, tend to like our food on the spicy side. It may well be that the majority of people will find Hung Fatt’s food to be really good.
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    • Deb Maisonneuve on July 30, 2011 at 7:16 pm
    • Reply

    After living in Kanata for 15 years, I have been back in Ottawa east for the last 1.5 years. I have tried most of the chinese food restaurants in the area and have been extremely dissapointed. Yesterday was my sisters birthday and there I went again, looking for yet another chinese resataurant/take out place in the east end. Of all the places I have tried, Hung Fatt under new management is by far the best. You can request without salt and msg if preferred. I am thrilled that my search is over. Thank you Hung Fatt’s new management, if you keep this quality up, you have a customer for life.

    • Peter on June 14, 2012 at 1:33 pm
    • Reply

    I really miss Hung Fatt under the previous ownership. The take out dinners were always above par, in my opinion. While I would not say that the current restaurant is terrible, the general quality of the food has gone downhill. It is, however, still preferable to a lot of take-out Chinese restaurants in the Ottawa area (most of which are just awful and serve inedible garbage).

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