Key Lime Cafe & Grill in Stuart is sweeter than its name implies!

Key Lime Cafe Grill

Things won’t go sour at Key Lime Cafe & Grill
If you’re hungry and in Stuart, don’t miss the Key Lime Grill
To find a place this refreshing was really quite a thrill.
The food was not the same tired old thing
And Island Decor gives the place some zing!
And if by chance it’s happy hour, you’ll really love the bill!

Key Lime CafeSince this was now my second trip to Stuart, Florida on what is somewhat euphemistically called the Treasure Coast, I was starting to find my way around. It was also Valentine’s Day and my wife was almost 2,200 KM away, so I would have to make do with Mike as my Valentine?! We had no particular place in mind when we set out. We just headed to the downtown area, parked the car and started to amble around the area.
Where we went: When we came across the Key Lime Café and Grill, we both agreed that it looked both different and promising, though we weren’t quite sure whether it was one establishment or two, since the outdoor patio seemed quite separate from the main building. In any event, we wandered onto the patio, found a table in the shade and took a seat.

What we ordered: Our first impulse here was simply to have a drink since it was still late afternoon. When our server appeared, she appeared to completely fit in with the overall flavour of the place, dressed in very eclectic fashion, right down to her lambskin boots! Mike asked whether they might have a Piña Colada, and I jumped on the bandwagon. However, it turned out that they did not have the ingredients to make them. They also had no beer on tap and no Guiness either. I opted for Sangria, only to be informed that they had no red wine left. Reluctantly, I settled for the same made with white wine! Somewhat uncharacteristically, Mike stuck with water! Since neither of us was ravenously hungry, we both chose an appetizer called ‘Taquito Trio’ which consisted of a chicken, beef and bean soft-shelled taco served with guacamole, queso, salsa and sour cream.

Taquito TrioWhat we got: It turned out that they only had a single serving of guacamole remaining and offered to replace it with mango salsa for one of us. Mike agreed to this substitution and I asked for my salsa to be replaced with mango salsa (usually a $2.50 extra). The server or chef mixed things up a little and I ended up with everything you see pictured (including sour cream off to the side). In spite of the lack of certain ingredients and this slight mix-up, we both agreed that the presentation and taste of the food was way above average and the personality of our server more than made up for any deficiency.

I was in the mood for dessert but the only option, rather predictably, was Key Lime pie which on this occasion just didn’t tickle my fancy. Our final bill came to $16.00. We certainly couldn’t quibble about the price.

Worthy of note: With no other evidence than observing other patrons, we both suspected that this could be one of the local GLBT hang-outs. Certainly Mike with his fluorescent orange T-Shirt and I with my peacock blue one may well have added to that notion!

From Monday thru Friday from 3PM to 6PM, appetisers are half price and domestic beer are 2 for $5  and import 2 for $7

WaterfallBefore leaving, we took a good look around, both inside and out and were surprised to find that in spite of the relatively small frontage, total seating capacity was quite impressive. A great place to hang out with friends later in the evening 


  • Positives: Even beyond happy hour, prices are reasonable. Staff was helpful and pleasant.
  • Negatives: They were lacking or out of a whole lot of stuff!
  • Recommendation: We both agreed that we would like to go back again!
Category Rating Explanation
Food Quality **** Very good
Price $$ Extremely reasonable
Decor **** Bright and cheerful
Service **** Quirky but pleasant
Overall Rating **** A great experience

Frivolous Foodie Facts
Key Limes: Long, long ago they were grown in Southern Asia. They eventually made their way to Spain and then, thanks to Christopher Columbus, they made their way to America. Today, most Key Limes are grown in the Florida Keys, in Mexico, and South America.

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