Duffy’s had a second chance to make a first impression!

Duffys Sports Grill in Stuart

My first trip to Duffy’s was last Thanksgiving and it was memorable only in its deficiencies, not least of which was the lack of turkey! Since Mike seems to be a particular fan of Duffy’s and we were looking for something fast and easy, we decided to give the downtown Stuart location a chance to redress the balance. I must say that the outdoor patio was a good start. Although it was a  slightly breezy day, we nevertheless elected to sit outdoors. Indeed on such a bright, sunny day, the interior of the restaurant looked a little dark.
It turned out that it was not only the weather that was bright and cheerful. Our server was able to take all the good-natured abuse that Mike could give her and still keep her composure and a smile. Not always an easy task 😉

There are two things that perhaps make Duffy’s an  interesting spot if you want to save yourself a buck or two:

  1. Firstly, their happy hour lasts from 4PM till closing every night of the week. If you specifically want to go somewhere to tie one on, this is probably where you could do it for the least amount of money. The only slight drawback, for me at least, is the fact that they always bring the two drinks at the same time. In my case, the second beer or wine can be quite lukewarm by the time I get around to it, since two drinks is the most I will usually drink the whole evening.
  2. The second feature that will save you some dough is their MVP club. It is free to join but gives back $10 credit for every $100 you spend. In addition, there are other discounts and specials available only to MVP card holders. If you are local and visit even a couple of times each year it’s a worthwhile benefit.

This particular evening, Mike and I happened to both order the same thing:  Churrasco Steak with Chimichurri. This was an 80z skirt steak covered with a garlic-parsley sauce of Argentinian origin. I read recently where someone described steak with Chimichurri making your steak taste like it was dragged through the garden! on reflection, it seemed apt. For me, the steak flavour was overpowered by the apparent lawn cuttings it was smothered in. It was accompanied with rice, black beans and fried plantain. I was not sorry to have tried it and although it did not sit my particular palette, it was nicely presented.

All in all, this second trip did go some way to improving my opinion of the chain as a whole. I would (and probably will) go back again sometime.

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