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Tartan Pub in Orleans: Good for a pint, as a buffet not so much!

Roy Wallace at Tartan Pub

Perhaps Tartan’s Buffet is better after a few drinks? The Tartan’s hard to find tucked away in this tiny strip mall If we hadn’t been invited, we’d never have found it at all. For me, the buffet’s only fair and the decor’s kind of tired But those servers in their kilts really have to be …

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Key Lime Cafe & Grill in Stuart is sweeter than its name implies!

Taquito Trio

Things won’t go sour at Key Lime Cafe & Grill If you’re hungry and in Stuart, don’t miss the Key Lime Grill To find a place this refreshing was really quite a thrill. The food was not the same tired old thing And Island Decor gives the place some zing! And if by chance it’s …

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Flanigan’s in Stuart: Come for Happy Hour, stay for the ribs!

Flanigan's in Stuart, South Florida

My friend Mike had a hankering for some ribs. Who would have guessed that Flanigan’s SeafoodBar and Grill was the best place to get them? As you can see from the picture above, Flanigan’s claims to have been in business since 1959 and has 22 locations throughout South Florida. Since I was staying in Stuart, …

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Coconut Lagoon, a hidden Oasis in Ottawa’s East End

Coconut Lagoon Plate

We’ll go back soon to Coconut Lagoon! Yet again, we found ourselves in a usual plight…. All our favourite spots were packed on this Friday night! From Wild Wing we flew ’cause vacancies were few For a while, the Supper Seven were in a right stew! But Coconut Lagoon was nearby so it turned out …

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Wellington GastroPub doesn’t disappoint – nor does it really shine!

Lamb Sirloin & belly pork with fingerlings and vegetable

Pretty Good Grub at Wellington Gastropub! A gastropub is about gourmet food and great beer, And if that’s the case, you’ll find both are right here. The decor is quite cozy and the food’s above par Though to find one that’s better you won’t have to go far But still I conclude that this one is …

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The bill wasn’t petit at Petit Bill’s Bistro but…..

Did you know Petit Bill is a Newfie? Petit Bill’s Bistro is not run of the mill, The guys in the kitchen are not without skill. the owners are friendly and the food’s above par The service attentive, so, all’s good thus far But it’s a bit of a downer when you get the bill Every now and …

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Clock Tower Brew Pub, a stone’s throw from Rideau Hall

Clocktower Brew Pub , New Edinburgh

Beer, Nachos & Wings – Clocktower Things We were visiting the GG, did the tour first, Helped us work up one heck of a thirst! They didn’t have Stella like it said on the sign! But their micro brew special still went down just fine! So, Clock Tower Brew Pub won’t go down as the worst.. …

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