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Works for me!

Works for me!! If a burger’s your thing then The Works should be king! You can get one with beet? Or, without any meat! Whatever you choose will have zing! This particular Friday evening, the Supper Seven (who were yet again eight), decided to do something really adventurous and include the RCMP musical ride in …

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At Fil’s, you can eat your fill without inflating the bill!

Fil's Breakfast Menu

Fil’s Diner For breakfast in Hintonburg, you could go to Fil’s Diner It’s not quite the Ritz, but complaints would be minor! Blueberry pancakes not great, but home fries were good; And prices were fair for this part of the ‘hood. So, in a score out of ten, it’s almost a niner! Where we went: It …

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Is it just sitting on a stool that makes it High Tea?

English High Tea

So here we were, sitting in Marks & Spencer a few thousand miles from home deliberating about what we should have to eat for our very first meal on English soil. Regardless of our choice, there were some surprises in store for us. First and foremost for me, was the fact that M&S even had …

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Un-Chef 10 Minute Chick’n’Chicken

Un-Chef 10 Minute Chick'n'Chicken

This evening’s supper was a typical example of two of the main themes that run through all of the Un-Chef’s cooking. 1.Work with what you have in the cupboards and the refrigerator 2. Colour is an important factor in putting together an attractive and appealing finished dish. Yesterday, I bought some boneless, skinless chicken thighs …

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Jean Albert’s needs to work on their soul!

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Is Jean Albert’s Ottawa’s sole restaurant serving soul food? Jean Albert’s the place for food that’s got soul But don’t go there Friday’s, if speed is your goal! You really should try the sweet potato chips Even though they’ll go from your lips to your hips Overall verdict? Needs work, on the whole!!… I must confess …

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Don’t be chicken to eat at Swiss Chalet!

Don’t be chicken to eat at Swiss Chalet! Now, Swiss chalet has a certain family appeal, Especially Now with a GREAT Meal Deal! Your chicken comes with salad and blueberry pie; And to pay just $12.97 won’t make you cry! Some might even declare it a steal!!… Where we went: A good friend of ours …

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