February 2011 archive

With kids in tow, Swiss Chalet’s the place to go!

Do the Swiss really eat this much chicken? You can find them in the East, you can find them in the West Of all the places we go, the girls seem to like it the best! If you don’t eat things that cluck, At Swiss Chalet, you’re out of luck And as an adult, you …

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Corner Kitchen at Kent & Laurier: Reasonable food, Reasonable prices!

? Don’t want to hit the street? So, go to Corner Kitchen and eat! You can’t go there for supper but you can go there for lunch, If youre looking for DFO people, there’s sure to be a bunch.. You’d better get there early if you really want a seat, There are other, better places …

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Emerald Buffet in Vanier is hardly a gem!

The Usual chinese buffet plate

They’ve got real stones to call this an Emerald! With Emerald in its name, you might think it’s a jewel But I can’t really say that this place made me drool! While it may be true that their variety can’t be beat; You know there’s more to good food than 10 types of meat? Thus, …

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Meatless stew or vegetable soup? – The choice is yours!

With the coldest days of winter upon us, nothing goes down better that a steaming bowl of soup or stew. It is just one of those comfort foods that has the ability to warm up the frostiest of times and climes. Recently, whilst visiting Christa, our daughter in Saverne, France, she said that she had …

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Food for thought: We never ate like that in OUR school canteen!

Molten Chocolate Polenta Cake

As an Ottawa foodie blogger, I obviously follow some of the local luminaries in the gastronomic world, one of whom is Ron Eade of the Ottawa Citizen. He runs an impromptu supper club for any who are interested, which organizes sporadic outings to local eating establishments worthy of note. Most recently, this group attended “An …

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Boston Pizza doesn’t sound Canadian but it has ties to the Mounties!

Boston Pizza!: A Canadian Dragon who lives on Pizza?? I’ve often wondered WHY they called it Boston Pizza! Just grabbed the name right out of the ether? Still, the food’s above par for such a large chain, We’ve been there quite often and we’ll go there again.. In the end, it’s not the name that …

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