Something took a leak in our cupboard?! It was just peachy….

Do you know what’s lurking in your cupboard getting ready to make your day?

Well, there we were, Dorothy and I, just minding our own business, sipping a leisurely cup of tea when Dorothy happened to notice a stream of light yellow liquid slowly wending its way across our kitchen floor. Now, as those readers who live in the Ottawa area know only to well, we have had our fair share of precipitation over the last few days. Dorothy’s immediate supposition, once she suppressed the urge to believe that I might have relieved myself while she wasn’t looking, was that our house had sprung a leak!

Being the man of action that I am, rather than conjecture about the cause, I decided to trace the leak back to its source. I did not have to go very far! A quick examination revealed that the liquid was oozing from underneath one of our kitchen cupboards. As soon as I opened the door, we could see even more of the yellow liquid almost completely covering the bottom shelf. Being also a brave sort, I got close enough to get a good whiff of the substance and immediately determined that it was peach juice.

Canned Peaches

Who put the pee in peaches?

We did not have to look very much further to find the culprit since a can of peaches was right in front. There was no immediate sign of anything untoward having occurred other than the fact that the label looked a little translucent as if it had become moist. As soon as I picked up the offending can, however, it was readily apparent that it was no longer completely full.

It is somewhat of a mystery as to what exactly happened to cause the leak. There was no sign of damage or corrosion on the can and we could find no hole, small or large. When we opened the can, we found no evidence that the food had spoiled. Sometimes when food spoils inside the can, it can create gases which eventually cause the can to bulge and finally explode creating quite a mess. This did not appear to be the case here. We can (sic) only assume that one of the seams was not well sealed and eventually came to leak. This is an unsatisfactory answer because that really ought to have happened slowly and our event had a relatively short time-frame.

We scanned the tin for a best-before date but it was in vain. All we could find was an undecipherable code. We knew though, that the product had been in our cupboard for at least a year or more. I would like to tell you that we took this as a sign to check all of our remaining canned goods for signs of age or damage but, alas, that is not the case. After all, this had never happened before! Hopefully, it will not happen again 😉

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