Duffy’s in Stuart couldn’t talk turkey on Thanksgiving!

Even though we had leftover turkey sitting in the fridge, neither Mike nor I felt like cooking (or re-heating) on Thanksgiving (US), so we decided to head out to one of the very few local restaurants in Stuart, Florida that was actually open for business on the Thanksgiving holiday. Not surprisingly, the place was pretty busy. Often, an advantage of being a group of two is that you can be fit into a corner immediately while larger groups may have to wait. Such was the case on this particular day and we were shown to seats close to but not actually at the bar.

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In terms of ambiance, Duffy’s is a fairly typical sports bar, with the requisite large screen TVs and sports memorabilia dotted throughout. If you go there to drink and watch sports, it would probably fit the bill wonderfully. If you are wanting an intimate, cosy tête-à-tête, perhaps not so much!

The first thing we were told, before we were even seated, was that there was no longer any turkey available. They were offering a Thanksgiving special that had obviously been extremely popular. As I mentioned, over the last couple of days, we had already eaten our fill of turkey, so this was not a particular problem for us. Other patrons that came in subsequently were not so forgiving. I can understand the disappointment when you travel to a local restaurant advertising turkey dinner on Thanksgiving only to find out that it is not available! Obviously some poor planning on someone’s part!

It turned out that this was not the only error in planning. I ordered Caribbean Jerk Chicken only to be informed (after I had ordered it, mind you) that there were no more black beans and rice! I chose to replace it with grilled zucchini. Furthermore, the Chicken was more like a peppered chicken breast than any jerk chicken I had eaten prior to this outing. The plantain, under the circumstances, turned out to be the high point, since few restaurants seem to get this right. The zucchini was just ok – cut very thick and both looking and tasting  way beyond its best-before date! Mike, perhaps sensibly as it turned out, ordered a steak and fries. Sometimes, there is something to be said for sticking with the tried and true in a place that is more bar than restaurant.


Perhaps foolishly, I opted to finish my meal with a slice of pumpkin pie. Like the rest of the meal, it was mediocre. It was almost certainly not made on site and  lacked anything to make it stand out! All in all, a very disappointing episode. If, at this point, you are surmising that Duffy’s does not go on my list of  ‘must re-visit’ restaurants, you are spot on!

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