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The Gun Pub at Chiddingly: out of the way but out of this world!

Perhaps it is because pub food here in Canada generally tends to be somewhat ho-hum that I was consistently surprised at the quality of food served in many of the pubs in England. On a recent trip, we ate in almost half a dozen different pubs over a ten day period and each was at …

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Wilfrids at Chateau Laurier has Ottawa’s best Sunday Brunch

Wedding Cake

The Ottawa brunch that packs a punch! I know that it’s true that I’ve waited a bunch Before giving you the low-down on Ottawa’s best brunch The staff were top notch and the food was superb On Sunday, nowhere’s better, your hunger to curb If you go once, you’ll go twice, I’ve a hunch šŸ˜‰ …

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Wellington GastroPub doesn’t disappoint – nor does it really shine!

Lamb Sirloin & belly pork with fingerlings and vegetable

Pretty Good Grub at Wellington Gastropub! A gastropub is about gourmet food and great beer, And if that’s the case, you’ll find both are right here. The decor is quite cozy and the food’s above par Though to find one that’s better you won’t have to go far But stillĀ I conclude that this one is …

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The Trident on Albert Parade: trid’ent true

It wouldn’t be a normal trip to Eastbourne if we didn’t make our usual pilgrimage to the Trident Fish Restaurant on Albert Parade. You can be forgiven if you feel that the place looks more like a bank than a restaurant because in a former life, that is exactly what it was. However, for the …

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The Malthouse in Hailsham: A great place to munch your lunch!

It was the last full day of our recent trip back to the UK and we were treated to lunch by my parents, John & Daphne, after having done the rounds of one of the local garden stores. Hailsham is more than just a mere stone’s throw from Eastbourne but I can easily understand why …

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Kasbah Village: A touch of Morocco in Downtown Ottawa

Alsace Riesling Dopff & Irion GewĆ¼rztraminer 2008

Kasbah Village: We’ve been twice &Ā  it’s nice! If by chance you dig the whole Moroccan Scene, Then this is the place to get your Tagine! The ambience, Middle Eastern, the food’s above par! To find somewhere better, you’ll have to go far! The place is a goer, if you know what we mean šŸ˜‰Ā  …

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The bill wasn’t petit at Petit Bill’s Bistro but…..

Did you know Petit Bill is a Newfie? Petit Bill’s BistroĀ is notĀ run of the mill, The guys in the kitchen are not without skill. the owners are friendly andĀ the food’s above par The service attentive, so, all’s good thus far But it’s a bit of a downer when you get the bill Every now and …

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After 7 years Mandarin Restaurant had a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression!

A little Panderin’ at the Mandarin It had been seven years since we last went to Mandarin, You see, the treatment we got was not exactly pandering! In the end, we were glad that we gave it a chance Especially since we had family in from France! The motto here is, if your service is …

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If you can go to Mango, you really should!

Forgotten Fish (the name that is!

Quango, Mango, Van Gogh!? In Kingston this summer, we searched for a Quango, For we knew little else would ever rhyme with Mango Where Asian cuisine was superb and the service was great… Not a single precious morsel was left on the plate! If this were a painting, I’d judge it a Van Gogh šŸ˜‰ …

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Seasons Harvest Buffet at Turningstone is a bit of a gamble!

Turningstone, Syracuse

[ad#Google Adsense Banner468x60] Season’s Harvest Buffet isĀ  simply Just Okay When you’re at Turningstone to gamble, Your Hunger may be ample Alas, the Harvest Buffet is not great! Though it looks good on the plate! Not so bad if you just want to sample šŸ˜‰ Since Syracuse is theĀ closest reasonably-sized city to theĀ Canadian border and …

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