If you can go to Mango, you really should!

Mango, Thai & Pan-Asian Cuisine

Quango, Mango, Van Gogh!?

In Kingston this summer, we searched for a Quango,
For we knew little else would ever rhyme with Mango

Where Asian cuisine was superb and the service was great…
Not a single precious morsel was left on the plate!

If this were a painting, I’d judge it a Van Gogh ūüėČ

One of the highlights of a recent visit from our daughter’s parents-in-law from France this summer was a trip to Kingston to see the Sunset ceremony at Fort Henry. We had plenty of time to spare and we decided to give them a lightning tour of the downtown area. As the former capital of Canada, downtown Kingston has a lot to offer and is well worth the two-hour drive from Ottawa.

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Mango, on the inside!Where we went: As the supper hour approached, we started looking around for a place to eat. There was a dizzying array of choices but we were unable to make a choice. This was, at least in part, because although Dorothy and I know Kingston fairly well, most of our dining experiences have been outside of the downtown core. Having recently been chastised by a Huntsville restaurateur for not seeking a local’s advice, this time we did not make the same error. We happened to come across a Shopper’s Drug Mart on Pricess Street¬†where they were selling off reading glasses originally priced at $32 for a loonie! At that price, I bought two pairs and the sales clerk took as much care of us as if I had paid full price!

We took the opportunity to enquire of this helpful person whether she might have a recommendation of a restaurant close by. She replied in the affirmative that indeed there was a good Thai restaurant, Mango, just across the street and that she personally ate there often. Since we were already running a little short of time, we acted upon the tip without hesitation.

Pad ThaiWhat we ordered: One of the disadvantages of writing these blog posts too long after the fact is that I cannot usually recall the atual names of the dishes that were ordered. The sights, sounds, smells and tastes linger long after the mundane details have faded. I refuse to be one of those who sit either furtively scribbling notes or channeling some high-powered executive by manically chatting away to a personal voice recorder. So you will just have to settle for the pictures.Chicken & Grilled Shrimp Skewers What I can say is that we ordered a wide selection of dishes, Pad Thai, Chicken stir-fry and grilled shrimp, curried beef and fish with mango.

What we got: As mentioned previously, I will let the pictures speak for themselves. I can say that all four of us were in agreement that the food was delicious and if this restaurant were in Ottawa it would be on our list of favourites. Food was hot, attractively presented and spiced to perfection. Forgotten Fish (the name that is!Also, portion size was sufficient without being overstated.

Worthy of note: Although the establishment was extremely busy, our server was both friendly and attentive. It appeared, not surprisingly in a city with more than its fair share of post-secondary educational facilities, that the majority of the staff were students.


  • Positives:¬†Great food, good ambiance, reasonable price!
  • I'm sure it had a name as good as its tasteNegatives: None that we came across!
  • Recommendation:¬†If you like Thai and/or Asian cuisine, this should be on¬†your list. If you don’t, give it a try anyway, you might just become¬† a convert!¬†
Category Rating Explanation
Food Quality ***** Excellent
Price $$$ Reasonable
Decor **** Smart
Service **** Abaove average
Overall Rating **** Outstanding

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  1. Oh wow…When my editor, Jenn, went to school at Queen’s I don’t remember our Thai-inspired fare on Princess Street. I do remember that Shopper’s Drug Mart.

    Back then, there was one decent Vietnamese place and a semi decent Chinese place on the way to Food Basics…

    Thanks for the update and the trip down memory lane. ūüôā

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