Butcher Block in Plattsburgh may be the best in town!

Butcher Block Plattsburgh

Butcher Block may rate in Upper New York State!
If you find yourself in Plattsburgh there’s not a lot that’ll rock
So, don’t try too hard to find somewhere better than the Butcher Block
I can’t say it’s first class but neither is it third rate
And even if I didn’t love it, it’s pretty hard to hate
It’s fair to say that in this neighbourhood they probably have a lock 😉

Perhaps one day you will find yourself in Plattsburgh as I did recently and be wondering where you might go to get a decent bite to eat. Burlington, I myself had travelled from Ottawa and a friend was coming from Burlington, Vermont and Plattsburgh happened to be almost in the middle (of nowhere!) 😉 We had booked rooms at the La Quinta Inn & Suites, and it was also the first time that I had stayed at that particular chain. It came as the result of once more relying on Hotwire to get the best price on reasonable accommodations and yet again, it did not disappoint!

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Butcher Block is situated right accross the parking lot from the hotel,  so it was not hard to find. I had read a couple of reviews suggesting that it was one of the best places to eat. I neither had before nor do I now after the fact have anything in the area to compare it with, so I cannot comment on this particular pronouncement. However, if you check the box below this post, you will see that it has an 84% satisfaction rating with its recent patrons.

It seems that one of the main features of this particular restaurant is its all-you-can-eat salad bar and its selection of beef. I partook of both, opting for the prime rib. The salad bar was certainly not horrible by and means but neither was it exceptional. The prime rib was also served medium rare as ordered and was relatively tender and flavourful but it did not rank among the best that I have had. Perhaps one side effect of writing this blog is that I have become more critical and demanding and consider anything less than exceptional as mundane. I certainly would think that most would consider the Butcher Block an acceptable dining oasis in the wilds of  Upstate New York!

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