Un-Chef’s Black Forest Cake

Done in the microwave in 15 minutes

Ridiculously Easy Black Forest Cake

This recipe which was included in the first edition of the Un-cookbook, had been ignored for a few years until this recent Good Friday. We needed something quick and easy and luckily this time-tested recipe sprung to mind. Every so often, you have a need for an impressive dessert and yet have neither the time nor inclination to make much  of an effort. Such was our case.

There are only five ingredients: 1 double chocolate cake mix, 3 large eggs, 1 can of cherry pie filling for the cake,  plus  1 chocolate bar with 1/2 cup of sour cream for the icing. The first three ingredients are mixed together in  a bowl and then cooked either in the microwave or the oven in a bundt pan. For the icing, you melt the chocolate bar and blend in the sour cream and apply it as a glaze to the cooled cake.

In the interests of completeness, I must admit that the actual cake pictured was modified slightly. I did not have a full can of cherry pie filling, so I added unsweetened yogourt to make up the missing amount (about 1/2 a can). For the icing, the only chocolate bar around was a Mars bar. So, that is what I used.

For those who require it, you can download the original recipe as it appeared in our Un-Cookbook (download recipe as pdf file)



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  2. Woooh!! I like the recipe and that would be surely delicious! The photo is indeed attractive so I might try this one someday. Thanks for posting it.

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