Sing for your supper on Fridays at Broadway

Broadway Bar & Grill Innes/Cyrville

This Friday evening began like so many others with no clear idea of where the Supper Seven would go to eat. We actually ended up taking a vote. Two had voted for Wild Wing on Donald at St. Laurent in Ottawa’s East End. Two more decided to abstain, saying that they had no clear preference. That left three voting for Broadway Bar & Grill on Innes near Cyrville in Gloucester.

Broadway is often an easy choice for us for several reasons:

  1. We have never yet had to wait to be seated on a Friday evening.
  2. They have kids meals that the girls actually enjoy and usually eat well.
  3. The menu is varied and everyone can easily find something they like.
  4. It is relatively close for all three families that make up our group.

This evening was no exception. Although the restaurant was quite busy, there was still a free table large enough to accomodate our group. Service was prompt, courteous and efficient. Amber was particularly excited to discover that tonight was karaoke night. It was due to start at 9PM. It was now 7:30, so we felt it unlikely that would still be there at that time.

Special Recommendation: One of our favourites at Broadway is the Chicken & Shrimp Jumbalaya. It is nicely spiced but not overly so. Expect to need a doggie bag though, since it is a large portion.

What we ordered:  One of our group, Norma,  really wanted chicken wings and they agreed to prepare even a small order in two separate flavours, honey-garlic and barbecue.  Greg ordered the grilled salmon filet. Although nicely cooked it was crusted with a little to much herb mixture. Dorothy ordered her usual grilled chicken breast with Greek salad and found it as good as usual. She also needed a doggie bag, it was good enough to take home! Amber, 11, has already graduated to the adult menu, but I don’t recall what she ordered.

The two younger girls ordered the mini pogos and fries. Although personally find them not to my taste, the girls seem to like them and they are served with copious amounts of fries. Greg, Norma and I all ordered a Keith’s Red Draught which is almost as good as Rickard’s, our usual forst choice.

Although this is a restaurant is one where we often would order dessert, this particular evening none of us appeared to be in the mood, though we did help the two younger girls eat the delicious cookies that came with their ice cream.

As it turned out, we were still sitting at the table as the karaoke started. Amber approached the young lady running the karaoke and asked if the girls could be the opening act. You can see the result below.



  • Positives: Food was fresh, hot and served promptly once ordered. Prices are not too hard on the pocket
  • Negatives: None really, this is a family restaurant, so don’t expect haute cuisine
  • Summary: Reasonably good food at a good price. This is basically a sports bar at that level it excels!
Category Rating Explanation
Food Quality *** Above Average
Price $$$ Reasonable
Decor *** Acceptable
Service *** Average
Overall Rating *** Worth a Try


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  1. It looks like they had fun singing along 🙂 My niece loves that song too.

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