One man’s meat is another man’s poison….

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Would YOU eat this?

Do you say yes to animal rights – or wonder who really cares? From horses to dolphins, frog hearts, dogs, monkey brains and more – find out why these foods are highly controversial

via Ten controversial foods from around the world – Yahoo! Canada Travel.

It seems to me that this article really brings home the old adage ‘one man’s meat is another mans poison’. Personally, I am not going to judge another person’s eating habits and preferences although I do question how so many people happily gobble up one dead creature and consider it normal and then get up on their high horse to condemn another for doing the same thing to a different animal.

 The problem is really that whether we like it or not, we humans were designed by Mother Nature to be omnivores. Of course, we can all make the choice to be otherwise but should be careful not to judge others for doing what comes naturally!

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