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Mongolian Village – the Gloucester Centre’s best kept secret

The Mongolian Grill

You’ll eat your Fill from the Mongolian Grill At Mongolian Village you’ll always eat your fill Just pick what you like and it’s cooked on the grill. Lots of sauces and spices to add to the taste; You pay by the weight so none goes to waste! And at the end, there’s no shock with …

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Red Lobster is a great plaice to eat fish on Friday!

Red Lobster St. Laurent Ottawa

[ad#Google Adsense links 468×15] Is Red Lobster the best plaice in Ottawa? On Friday this week, it was Greg’s dearest wish,, that we go to Red Lobster to eat us some fish. But most of us ordered some type of shrimp; Lots of food came, they surely don’t skimp And the sum of our verdicts: …

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Between Willie and Juan’s and T’Basil it was a Thai

Seafood Shabu Shabu

Willie and Juan’s Thai’d by T’Basil It didn’t really seem like such a tall order, We just wanted food from South of the Border! Willie and Juan’s that’s where we were led But across the road at T’Basil is where we were fed Forty-Five minutes waiting is just sheer murder… The Supper Seven were all …

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Barley Mow in Orleans – much more than Pub Food

Barley Mow at Tenth Line in Orleans, Ottawa

The Diner’s Lament The Supper Seven have a weekly plight: Where do we eat of a Friday night? I know, said Debbie, just where to go: A place in Orleans called The Barley Mow And by gosh, do you know, she was right… Our choice of restaurant for the Supper Seven’s usual Friday night jaunt was …

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Just down the road from the Pearl is a Ruby (King)

my plate of food

[ad#Google Adsense links 468×15] I have to start off this week by declaring my bias: I am not generally a fan of Chinese Buffets in general and especially not of RubyKing in particular. Every now and then, simply because it is a favourite of a majority of the Supper Seven, I have to allow my …

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Sing for your supper on Fridays at Broadway

Broadway Bar & Grill Innes/Cyrville

This Friday evening began like so many others with no clear idea of where the Supper Seven would go to eat. We actually ended up taking a vote. Two had voted for Wild Wing on Donald at St. Laurent in Ottawa’s East End. Two more decided to abstain, saying that they had no clear preference. …

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