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Bay Street Bistro in downtown Ottawa does a mean lunch buffet

Pizza & Pasta

[ad name=”Amazon300x250″] Piles of Pizza & Pasta for lunch at Bay Street Bistro We recently had friends who stayed at the Suite Hotel at Albert and Bay And They invited us for lunch that very same day. We’d oft seen the Bay Street Bistro but had never been in. But to have missed their buffet lunch would …

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Boston Pizza doesn’t sound Canadian but it has ties to the Mounties!

Boston Pizza!: A Canadian Dragon who lives on Pizza?? I’ve often wondered WHY they called it Boston Pizza! Just grabbed the name right out of the ether? Still, the food’s above par for such a large chain, We’ve been there quite often and we’ll go there again.. In the end, it’s not the name that …

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Our guardian angel was mia at Gabriel Pizza in Gloucester

Steak sandwich

[ad#Google Adsense Banner468x60] Where was OUR guardian angel at Gabriel’s? This Friday our choice was Gabriel’s in Shoppers City East, Where pizza’s the mainstay but service is more famine than feast! The pizza was good, but rest was quite poor, And You’d best not be too hungry when you walk through that door… If we …

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Here’s my beef: Where’s the pizza?

The main dish on Pizza Huts Buffet

  This week our usual Friday night jaunt took us to Pizza Hut at Industrial and St. Laurent in Ottawa. Our selection is usually made in a relatively democratic way. We take an impromptu vote and the majority normally prevails. This was our third trip within the last six months and it will be our …

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