Coconut Palm Restaurant is Vietnamese cuisine at its best!

Coconut Palm Restaurant in Ottawa Trainyards

Hard to spot this Coconut Palm in Ottawa’s Trainyards!!
Tucked away in the Trainyards, this place is hard to find.
And it’s decor is not fancy but we’re sure that you won’t mind
As soon as that food passes your lips
You’ll even consider increasing your tips
’cause the owner and chef is incredibly kind.

Ottawa Trainyards just off  Industrial Avenue in an area known as Riverview, is still growing by leaps and bounds. For many, it’s a little off the beaten track and although close to OC Transpo Hurdman station as well as being directly opposite the Via train station, I would hazard a guess that many Ottawa/Gloucester residents are still ignorant of its existence. 
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Where we went: Recently on a shopping trip looking for maternity clothes for our pregnant daughter, we found ourselves needing sustenance before continuing this arduous task. We opted for Vietnamese food at the Coconut Palm Restaurant which faces Walmart on the Western-most tip of the mall. Although this establishment looks tiny on the outside, it is somewhat deceiving, being able to accommodate almost 50 diners at a single sitting. Both times that we have been there, however, there has only been a single server who may also be the headcook and bottlewasher and most likely the owner.

What we ordered: In a novel approach to streamlining his workflow, the owner offers you a menu and also places a pad and pencil for each table on which you inscribe your order(s). We both ordered the coconut curry, mine with shrimp, Dorothy’s with chicken. Since one is able to specify a level of spiciness, we both requested medium.  

Coconut Chicken CurryWhat we got: As is often the case, the picture does not do justice to the flavours and textures of the food. I can only say that in both presentation and taste, Coconut Palm deserves high praise. Also, they do not scrimp on the shrimp or chicken.

Worthy of note: The Coconut Palm closes at 8PM in the evening earlier than most restaurants. They do not have a liquor licence but do offer guests a complimentary pot of chinese tea, a much healthier alternative. Perhaps the best surprise here is the bill. Without alcohol to pad the bill and moderately priced food, you will be pleased with how light on the wallet your outing may be.


  • Positives: Great food, great prices.
  • Negatives: Not open late, No liquor licence (a positive for some!)
  • Recommendation: We highly recommend that you give Coconut Palm a try!
Category Rating Explanation
Food Quality **** Great
Price $$ moderate
Decor ** A bit Spartan
Service ***** A1
Overall Rating **** Recommended

Frivolous Foodie Facts
Coconut fruits float readily and have been dispersed widely by ocean currents and by humans throughout the tropics; they probably originated somewhere in Indo-Malaya. Marco Polo was among the first Europeans to describe coconuts.

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