Louis Steak House on Cyrville Rd is a local institution!

Louis Steak House

A fixture at Cyrville & Meadowbrook for 34 years!

After 30+ years Louis must be doing something right!

If you’re looking for Gourmet, Louis likely won’t fit the bill
In fact the cuisine is rather run-of-the-mill

Still it can’t be that bad, people vote with their feet
And, most of the time you’ll barely find a seat!

Their secret? It won’t cost a fortune to eat your fill!

Recently, on a Sunday morning after having attended the first communion of Lara, one of our regular ‘Supper Seven’, we were looking for somewhere for brunch for a relatively large group. Since we lived on Eastcliffe Way, just off of Meadowbrook Road in Pineview from 1980 – 1995, we were well acquainted with Louis Steak House. Indeed, some of the family of owners were our neighbours.

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I must admit that I personally have mixed feelings about the place. Over the years, we have received both good and not-so-good service at this particular establishment. I am the first to realize that one can occasionally receive poor service in even the best of locales, but because we both knew and were dealing with the owners/managers, it left a bad impression. I am also willing to give most places a second or even a third chance to make a first impression. This time, it was at least a couple of years since our previous visit and I determined that I would go with an open mind.

Because of the size of our group (15-20), we were shown to the private party room at the back of the restaurant. As we passed the buffet, I could see that not much had changed in either decor or food selection in the intervening period. With the possible exception of their website, Louis does not pretend to be something that it is not. This is a relatively inexpensive, family-oriented place to eat.

The buffet contains all the normal items that you would expect to see in this type of restaurant. Nothing was terrible nor was anything outstanding. I will say that although the place was pretty busy, at no time were there long lines at the food tables and dishes were kept well-replenished. My only real complaint would be that the noise level was barely below deafening. This is not any fault of the restaurant and probably a sign that people were generally enjoying themselves. However, it did definitely detract from my own enjoyment of the experience. Also, regular readers of this blog will know that I am not generally smitten by buffets in general. Therefore, although I myself would not rate it highly due to the foregoing, others could likely have a higher opinion.

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  • Positives: They were able to accommodate a large group without problem. No waiting times. Reasonable selection of fresh dishes.
  • Negatives: Decor looks a little tired. Food is only so-so!
  • Recommendation: If your not looking for high-end, this might suit your taste and budget!
Category Rating Explanation
Food Quality ** mediocre
Price $$ reasonable
Decor ** tired
Service *** acceptable
Overall Rating ** Not my favourite

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Frivolous Foodie Facts

A well-done steak, especially if it has “charred” portions, contains much higher levels of carcinogens than a medium-done or rare steak.


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