Even though not late, too long a wait, at Casey’s

Caseys Gloucester Centre

Works for me!!

Being Girls Night Out, Dorothy said:”I’ll buy!”

So we all went to Casey’s, where I tried the Pad Thai

the service was slow, though the place wasn’t packed!

If I were the owner, the manager’d be sacked 😉

A more positive note:, try the Banana Fosters Pie… 


Those readers who follow this blog with any regularity may well have noticed that lately our posts have been relatively few and far between. In case you might think that the recent heat wave has caused us to curb our ingestion of nutrients or some such other improbable excuse, let us put your mind at ease…. The simple truth is that real life has been interceding and dragging us away from the blogosphere into other more mundane (some would say more meaningful) pursuits ;). Of course all of these extra-curricular activities do add more grist to our mill but still it takes time to put finger to keyboard (a modernization of pen to paper?).

Where we went: Exactly one week ago today, happened to be our semi-regular ‘girl’s night out’. Lately, this has become somewhat of a misnomer since we men constituted a full fifty percent of the attendees. I am never completely sure by what process the location is chosen but on this occasion, someone had selected Casey’s at Ogilvie and Blair in the Gloucester Centre in Ottawa’s East End as our meeting place. Being a Wednesday evening, it was immediately apparent that obtaining a table would not be a problem. In retrospect, maybe we would have been better served if it had indeed been crowded.

What we ordered: It seems to me that the menu at Casey’s has changed a great deal in the recent past. Although many of their signature dishes  remain, there appeared to be a variety of new entries. Ian, our son, and myself ordered Shrimp Pad Thai and Dorothy opted for the Oriental Salad. One of our group ordered a dish that included garlic bread and she declined it due to a slight allergy. Her husband asked if he might have it added to his order instead. the server indicated that this was indeed possible. Since the restaurant was only about one third occupied, we reasonably assumed that the wait for our food would be reasonable.Shrimp Pad Thai

What we got: Alas, this was where things started to go downhill. It was a long time before any dishes appeared. When they finally did, the chicken salad was missing and there was no bread, garlic or otherwise, for the two who had requested it. My only personal and slight complaint would be that the fresh grated carrot was a little too voluminous and tended to upset the overall balance of the dish. Otherwise, I would give Casey’s Pad Thai a passing grade. Otherwise, there were no accolades or harsh criticisms of the dishes each received. By chance, at the last moment, I noticed something called Banana Fosters Pie on the dessert menu and ordered a slice. It was a cross between banana cream pie and cheesecake with a graham cracker crust and would definitely be ordered by me again, the next time I happen to find myself in Casey’s.

Worthy of note: Frankly, there was really not much on either the positive or negative side worthy of special note as is reflected in our overall summary below


  • Positives: Everyone was relatively satisfied with their food. Banana Fosters Pie was pretty good. 
  • Negatives: Service was unacceptably slow. Special requests, whilst not denied were not followed through on.
  • Recommendation: Although this visit would not prevent me from going again, neither did it encourage me to do so anytime soon!
Category Rating Explanation
Food Quality ** Passable
Price $$$ Average
Decor *** Sports Bar Type
Service *** Slow but Friendly
Overall Rating ** Just Okay!


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