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Crabby Joes won where 3 guys and a stove lost

Crabby Joes in Huntsville

There were highs and lows at Crabby Joes! 3 Canucks and 2 frogs were in Huntsville,” And Needing their stomachs to fill! 3 Guys and a Stove was their first choice but wait times and price didn’t thrill! Crabby Joes was much cheaper, In fact I’d say it’s a keeper… And no surprises came with …

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Willie & Juan’s in the East – A Mexican Feast

Homemade chicken strips and fries

Willie & Juan’s, Orleans Best? We gave them a call and they said: “there’s no line!” So we headed to Orleans for the umpteenth time! The food was superb, the service was great! So it’s not a bad place to take your next date! And this recommendation won’t even cost you a dime..  Where we went: You …

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Works for me!

Works for me!! If a burger’s your thing then The Works should be king! You can get one with beet? Or, without any meat! Whatever you choose will have zing! This particular Friday evening, the Supper Seven (who were yet again eight), decided to do something really adventurous and include the RCMP musical ride in …

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At Fil’s, you can eat your fill without inflating the bill!

Fil's Breakfast Menu

Fil’s Diner For breakfast in Hintonburg, you could go to Fil’s Diner It’s not quite the Ritz, but complaints would be minor! Blueberry pancakes not great, but home fries were good; And prices were fair for this part of the ‘hood. So, in a score out of ten, it’s almost a niner! Where we went: It …

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Jean Albert’s needs to work on their soul!

See our complete gallery of photos from this visit

Is Jean Albert’s Ottawa’s sole restaurant serving soul food? Jean Albert’s the place for food that’s got soul But don’t go there Friday’s, if speed is your goal! You really should try the sweet potato chips Even though they’ll go from your lips to your hips Overall verdict? Needs work, on the whole!!… I must confess …

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Don’t be chicken to eat at Swiss Chalet!

Don’t be chicken to eat at Swiss Chalet! Now, Swiss chalet has a certain family appeal, Especially Now with a GREAT Meal Deal! Your chicken comes with salad and blueberry pie; And to pay just $12.97 won’t make you cry! Some might even declare it a steal!!… Where we went: A good friend of ours …

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Mongolian Village – the Gloucester Centre’s best kept secret

The Mongolian Grill

You’ll eat your Fill from the Mongolian Grill At Mongolian Village you’ll always eat your fill Just pick what you like and it’s cooked on the grill. Lots of sauces and spices to add to the taste; You pay by the weight so none goes to waste! And at the end, there’s no shock with …

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Rockin’ Johnny’s doesn’t really rock!

Rockin' Jonny's St. Laurent, Ottawa

Rockin’ Johnny’s ? Rockin’ Johnny’s for breakfast just didn’t rock but,at least, at these prices, you won’t go in hock The service was slow and the food was quite plain So, another 2 years before we go there again Oh yes, there’s no parking; you must walk!!… Where we went: So here we were looking for a …

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Red Lobster is a great plaice to eat fish on Friday!

Red Lobster St. Laurent Ottawa

[ad#Google Adsense links 468×15] Is Red Lobster the best plaice in Ottawa? On Friday this week, it was Greg’s dearest wish,, that we go to Red Lobster to eat us some fish. But most of us ordered some type of shrimp; Lots of food came, they surely don’t skimp And the sum of our verdicts: …

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Between Willie and Juan’s and T’Basil it was a Thai

Seafood Shabu Shabu

Willie and Juan’s Thai’d by T’Basil It didn’t really seem like such a tall order, We just wanted food from South of the Border! Willie and Juan’s that’s where we were led But across the road at T’Basil is where we were fed Forty-Five minutes waiting is just sheer murder… The Supper Seven were all …

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