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E-Rebate Club

E-Rebate Club Shop & Save, Get Cash Back, Earn Residual Income Let me start out by apologizing profusely for neglecting my loyal readers, many of whom have been politely inquiring as to whether I had gone into hibernation (or something worse!). Well, I can assure you that I am still alive and kicking but have …

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Meals at Montana’s were merely meh!

Amber celebrates in style

Is it the Moose that makes Montana’s? You know, it’s getting harder and harder to find rhymes, And what’s more to Montana’s we’ve been a few times Week in and week out, We sure get about! So, I’m sorry for not having new lines ;(  This was one Friday night when we did not have to …

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At Fil’s, you can eat your fill without inflating the bill!

Fil's Breakfast Menu

Fil’s Diner For breakfast in Hintonburg, you could go to Fil’s Diner It’s not quite the Ritz, but complaints would be minor! Blueberry pancakes not great, but home fries were good; And prices were fair for this part of the ‘hood. So, in a score out of ten, it’s almost a niner! Where we went: It …

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