July 2010 archive

Crabby Joes won where 3 guys and a stove lost

Crabby Joes in Huntsville

There were highs and lows at Crabby Joes! 3 Canucks and 2 frogs were in Huntsville,” And Needing their stomachs to fill! 3 Guys and a Stove was their first choice but wait times and price didn’t thrill! Crabby Joes was much cheaper, In fact I’d say it’s a keeper… And no surprises came with …

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Willie & Juan’s in the East – A Mexican Feast

Homemade chicken strips and fries

Willie & Juan’s, Orleans Best? We gave them a call and they said: “there’s no line!” So we headed to Orleans for the umpteenth time! The food was superb, the service was great! So it’s not a bad place to take your next date! And this recommendation won’t even cost you a dime..  Where we went: You …

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Even though not late, too long a wait, at Casey’s

Shrimp Pad Thai

Works for me!! Being Girls Night Out, Dorothy said:”I’ll buy!” So we all went to Casey’s, where I tried the Pad Thai the service was slow, though the place wasn’t packed! If I were the owner, the manager’d be sacked 😉 A more positive note:, try the Banana Fosters Pie…    Those readers who follow this blog with …

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