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Sep 19

Gabriels at Holiday Inn in Hasbrouck Heights NJ was a pleasant surprise.

Gabriels Bar & Grille

 I would not usuallly take the trouble to review a restaurant situated inside a hotel where we only ate the buffet breakfast. However, I am going to make an exception for Gabriel’s Grille and Bar located in the Holiday Inn in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey, for several reasons. Firstly, many people might find themselves in the New York City area …

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May 16

Bay Street Bistro in downtown Ottawa does a mean lunch buffet

Pizza & Pasta

[ad name=”Amazon300x250″] Piles of Pizza & Pasta for lunch at Bay Street Bistro We recently had friends who stayed at the Suite Hotel at Albert and Bay And They invited us for lunch that very same day. We’d oft seen the Bay Street Bistro but had never been in. But to have missed their buffet lunch would …

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May 04

Go 4 MooShu Pork & Crispy beef at New Dragon Chinese Buffet

New Dragon is not just the same old Chinese food! Another Friday night in search of a Chinese buffet Well, we knew that the New Dragon was not far away. The buffet itself was like most of the rest But food from the menu was really the best Mooshu pork and the like we could …

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Mar 09

Tartan Pub in Orleans: Good for a pint, as a buffet not so much!

Roy Wallace at Tartan Pub

Perhaps Tartan’s Buffet is better after a few drinks? The Tartan’s hard to find tucked away in this tiny strip mall If we hadn’t been invited, we’d never have found it at all. For me, the buffet’s only fair and the decor’s kind of tired But those servers in their kilts really have to be …

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Mar 02

Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm makes the week-ends sweet!


Don’t be a sap! Check out the sugarbush at Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm Out in Edwards, to find Stanley’s you’ll likely need a map! But the trip’s well worth it with Maple Syrup on tap! You’ll find the farm is exciting, the food it is hearty It’s a great location for a sweet wedding …

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Feb 10

Emerald Buffet in Vanier is hardly a gem!

The Usual chinese buffet plate

They’ve got real stones to call this an Emerald! With Emerald in its name, you might think it’s a jewel But I can’t really say that this place made me drool! While it may be true that their variety can’t be beat; You know there’s more to good food than 10 types of meat? Thus, …

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Jan 26

Liangs Village: One man’s junk is another man’s sampan!

Liang’s Village!: Just another Chinese Restaurant? Almost everywhere in Ottawa, Chinese food abounds And for a number of years now, we’ve been doing the rounds Whether buffet or take out, it can all seem the same To all but the newbies, the food’s rather tame! Most believe it is healthy, but you’ll still pack on …

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Jan 16

Louis Steak House on Cyrville Rd is a local institution!

After 30+ years Louis must be doing something right! If you’re looking for Gourmet, Louis likely won’t fit the bill In fact the cuisine is rather run-of-the-mill Still it can’t be that bad, people vote with their feet And, most of the time you’ll barely find a seat! Their secret? It won’t cost a fortune …

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Jan 06

Happy New Year from the Un-Chef (returned from exile ;)

Our regular readers may have wondered why these blog pages have been unusually silent for the last couple of weeks. Our last post was on December 14th, normally too early to simply use the Christmas holidays as an excuse. Nevertheless, by and large, that is the card we are going to proffer since it happens to be …

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Dec 02

The Great Canadian Steak & Buffet – Not that Great…

The Great Canadian Mis-steak and Buffet Little Miss Muffett may have sat on her tuffet, eating her curds and Whey But she never went to The Great Canadian Steak and Buffet, she was wise to stay away! It’s true there was food from all nations perhaps made in haste ’cause from my point of view, …

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