Rockin’ Johnny’s doesn’t really rock!

Rockin' Jonny's St. Laurent, Ottawa

Rockin’ Johnny’s ?

Rockin’ Johnny’s for breakfast just didn’t rock
but,at least, at these prices, you won’t go in hock
The service was slow and the food was quite plain

So, another 2 years before we go there again

Oh yes, there’s no parking; you must walk!!…

Where we went: So here we were looking for a place to eat breakfast on a fine Saturday morning and decided on Perkins. Now if you have followed this blog for any length of time, you will know that we are not a fan of waiting in line. So maybe Perkins was not the best choice! There is only a single location in Ottawa at St. Laurent shopping center and it is well frequented. Not wishing to spend a whole lot of time hunting for an alternate venue, we opted to try out (again) Rockin’ Johnny’s on the opposite side of the street. I suspect that a fair amount of their business is garnered that same way. 

What we ordered: We were looking for breakfast and all three of us ordered the 2 egg special with one meat, home fries and toast. We all took coffee as well (mine as per usual was decaf). 

What we got: There’s not really much to say here either good or bad. To quote Randy ‘the dawg’ Jackson, “It was just alright for me! “. There was nothing exceptional  either good or bad about our breakfast. The home fries were better than average but there was no garnish of any kind on the plate. Not so much as a lettuce leaf or slice of orange or tomato as often is done in these places. My coffee was probably relatively fresh but definitely not piping hot. The regular must have been OK though since both Garey and Dorothy had multiple cups.

Worthy of note: Only thing worthy of note was that nothing really was 🙄


  • Positives: Cost: breakfast for 2 with coffee < $15
  • Negatives: Nothing special, just an OK breakfast!
  • Recommendation: Would neither recommend nor particularly discourage. Note that at time of posting, it gets a 50% rating on Urbanspoon (see below)
Category Rating Explanation
Food Quality ** Only Average
Price $$ Inexpensive
Decor *** Acceptable
Service ** Slow
Overall Rating ** Not Great


Rockin' Johnny's Diner on Urbanspoon

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