Jan 20

Get the best poutine in Ottawa at Spuds in Elmvale Acres


I am not usually a huge fan of fries topped with cheese curds and then slathered with artery-clogging gravy – otherwise known as Poutine, but for Spud’s I will henceforth make and occasional exception.

I know that it has been a while (ok, so almost an entire year) since I last posted a restaurant review here. However, this is not because I have been in hibernation but rather that I have been busy (and still am) with other projects. Nevertheless, we haven’t stopped eating out in and around Ottawa, so I have a good number of exciting venues to tell you about over the next couple of months.

Spud’s Potato Bar and Poutinerie in Elmvale Acres in Ottawa’s East End near the Museum of Science and Technology is a good place to start off with because in the now famous words of Monty Python it is something completely different. From the outside this restaurant is perhaps a little underwhelming being located, as it is, in the middle of a fairly dismal strip mall. Also, merely looking through the window, you might suspect you are peering into a SubWay store or other fast food joint. It is true that Spuds is a self-serve establishment. If you are looking for fine dining, you are in the wrong place.

Chicken Pot FriesPersonally, I chose the ‘Chicken Pot Fries’ (click thumbnail for full view). This involves the addition of chunks of chicken, caramelized onions, mushrooms and peas. Of the five gravies available (regular, beer, chicken, cracked pepper and lastly mushroom), I chose the latter. I had been pre-warned that the portions were large so only opted for the small size. The fries were fresh, the toppings were plentiful and the overall concoction was very tasteful even if the picture does not do it justice!

Piggy Gone WildDorothy opted for the ‘Piggy gone Wild’ which added 3 variations of pork (pulled pork, bacon and sausage) to her poutine and she selected the cracked pepper gravy. She apparently also very much enjoyed her chosen dish. Our only slight complaints were that the plastic forks were woefully inadequate for the task of digging out and holding onto the contents. Also, the straws provided for the drinks were too short to reach the bottom of the bottles.

img00055-20130118-1939If you have followed the Adventures of the Supper Seven in the past, you will know that we are usually a gang of seven and getting seated and served can be a problem. In this case, we simply put two tables together, ordered our food and were happily eating away less than ten minutes after entering. Every one of our little band ordered something different and no-one was disappointed. Even Fayth, pictured here, who often eats less than a sparrow, ate a healthy (not really) portion! For the first time ever though, not a single person, including Amber who has a voracious appetite, was able to completely finish their meal. However, the containers that the food comes in can be easily closed and carried home (for the dog?!)


Whether you think you like poutine or not, you owe it to yourself to give Spuds Potato Bar and Poutinerie a try!

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Apr 08

Discover what the Un-Chef has been cooking up!

E-Rebate Club Fan Page Header

E-Rebate Club

Shop & Save, Get Cash Back, Earn Residual Income

Let me start out by apologizing profusely for neglecting my loyal readers, many of whom have been politely inquiring as to whether I had gone into hibernation (or something worse!). Well, I can assure you that I am still alive and kicking but have been very occupied with something completely different (to quote Monty Python).

How it Started

Pure MinimalismA few months ago now, it became obvious to me that more and more people, in my own immediate circle and beyond, were rapidly changing their buying habits and purchasing increasingly online. This past Christmas season, for example, we purchased most of our gifts over the Internet and saved a bundle on shipping and avoided the crowds in the stores.

Because I operate several blogs, I had started to develop relationships with several online retailers whose products were a good match for my readers. Often, I became aware that friends and relatives were making purchases from those very same retailers. After sometime with these two facts rolling around inside my head, the concept of E-Rebate Club was born. It seemed a natural progression to marry these two trends together. This turned out to be a huge undertaking and that is why my head has been down for the last couple of months.

How It Works

How It Works

The basis of E-Rebate Club is really simple! You shop online as you normally would but rather than going directly to the merchant’s site, you go thorough one of the links on our site. In the header above, you can see just a few of the Top online retailers we have partnered with. You still get the item you are looking for at the best price you can find. We also keep you informed by e-mail, web updates or RSS feed of new deals, discounts and coupons as they become available.

Whenever you make a qualifying purchase through a link on the E-Rebate Club, the merchant pays us an advertising fee as laid out on the Shop by Merchant page and we rebate you 30% – 75% of this rebate according to your member level. Although E-Rebate Club is primarily designed for Canadian residents, international members can participate, shop and earn also.

Show me the Money!


The whole purpose of the E-Rebate Club is not only to save you money on ALL of your online purchases but also to allow those who wish it to earn some additional income in an easy, ethical and sustainable way. We don’t promise you pie in the sky riches or something for nothing. For that, you can buy lottery tickets. On the other hand, just by using E-Rebate Club links when you shop online you can get significant cash back! You can choose any or all of the following ways to put some extra cash into your account.

  1. Get up to 60% Cash back on your personal purchases: All you have to do to qualify for this is to join E-Rebate Club and use our links when you buy any product or service online. We will automatically pay the appropriate rebate into your account.
  2. Help us Spread the Word: You can earn referral bonuses ranging from $18 to $30 for each new Gold and Silver member who joins from your referral link. We provide you with all the promotional tools and resources to easily attract new members.
  3. Monthly Activity Awards & Bonuses: Each month, Gold Members can participate in monthly contests to earn significant activity bonuses by simply referring 1 or more members or having purchases of $100 or more in a calendar month.

An Offer You Can’t Pass Up!

E-Rebate ClubSince you are amongst the first to find out about E-Rebate Club, we are going to make you an offer you can’t (or shouldn’t at least) ignore! Join us today as a FREE member, ‘like us’ on our Facebook fan page and we will upgrade your membership immediately to Silver level which ordinarily carries a $36 annual membership fee!



Important E-Rebate Club Links

Main Site | Shop by Merchant | Shop by Product | Join

Facebook Page

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Mar 05

Ottawa Dining – Ottawa Deals for March 5 2012

Ottawa Daily Dining Deals for March 05, 2012

Well, it looks like I maybe spoke too soon! After going several weeks without much in the way of good local dining deals, today we have 3 more from SwarmJam, TeamBuy and WagJag. Perhaps there is still life in the Groupon Daily Deals model after all. Today’s offers are quite eclectic too, ranging from Japanese food to Poutine and prime beef. Here are today’s Daily Deals for the Ottawa area.


Taste of Japan

SwarmJam L
Click for Deal Details

The Deal: Taste of Japan

$10.00 for Authentic Japanese Dining from Taste of Japan ($20.00 Value)

Expires: March 7

See this deal



Smoke's Poutinerie

TeamBuy L
Click for Deal Details

The Deal:  Smoke’s Poutinerie

$15 for a $25 Re-loadable Smoke’s Poutinerie Gift Card

Expires:  March 5

See this deal



brookers meats

WagJag L
Click for Deal details

The Deal:  Brooker’s Meats

$99 for 10 lbs of Grass Fed, Hormone- and Antibiotic-Free Boneless Ribeye Steaks (a $200 Value)

Expires: March 11

See this deal



If you arrived too late and missed one or more of these deals, make sure that you don’t miss the next ones.

There are four ways that you can be sure to be up to date with all the local Ottawa Daily Dining and Food Deals:

  1. Click on the ‘Like’ link on the facebook fan box at the top right and notifications of all our posts will be delivered automatically to your Facebook page. http://facebook.com/JustRW
  2. Follow us on Twitter: Username: w3junkie http://twitter.com/w3junkie
  3. Subscribe to our RSS feed at the very top of this page: http://feeds.feedburner.com/justrw/BPNx
  4. Join the Ottawa Top Ten Diners Club. If you eat out in Ottawa, you really should join The Club!
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