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A taste of the Islands is too pricey at Fishy’s Tropical Garden

Fishy's Tropical Garden

It gets my goat that it is so costly to get my goat! When you first enter Fishy’s, it’s a bit of a mess! And the prices as posted, should really be less But for a taste of the Islands, it just can’t be beaten That delightful goat roti was all-too-soon eaten. I’ll be back again …

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Tim Hortons just got a little smoother!

Berry Smoothie and blueberry fritter

Donut whine when you dine at Tim Hortons When you go to any Timmies, you shouldn’t be whining You know from the outset that it isn’t fine dining But the doughnuts are fresh and the coffee is hot Their breakfasts and lunches won’t cost you a lot If you offer to treat me, I won’t …

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Indie Blogger Brunch at ZenKitchen was enlightening

Zen Kitchen Facade

My first blogger brunch was a Zen experience!! The staff at ZenKitchen thought me far out to lunch When I told them of 15 bloggers coming for brunch.. In the end, we were just four Though we’d clearly hoped for more… Perhaps next time there will be a whole bunch! This adventure started a few …

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Duffy’s had a second chance to make a first impression!

Duffys Sports Grill in Stuart

My first trip to Duffy’s was last Thanksgiving and it was memorable only in its deficiencies, not least of which was the lack of turkey! Since Mike seems to be a particular fan of Duffy’s and we were looking for something fast and easy, we decided to give the downtown Stuart location a chance to …

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Ottawa’s Secret Garden: Les Jardins de la Cité

Les Jardins

Les Jardins de la Cité: A study in elegance! I must admit that this is quite a hard place to find But it’s well worth the effort to discover a venue of this kind. They may still be students but the service is above par, With this kind of training they are sure to go …

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Looking for Daily Dining Deals in Ottawa? Let OUR fingers do the walking…

Local Deals (Click for latest) You would have to be an ostrich to not have noticed the explosion of sites and services offering local daily deals on everything from restaurants to furnace cleaning. There is no doubt that there are some great discounts and bargains to be had. The trouble is that we don’t all …

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Nary a youngster to be seen at Gusto Italian Cuisine!

Gusto Italian Cuisine in Stuart FL

Nary a youngster to be seen at Gusto Italian Cuisine! When in downtown Stuart I wouldn’t say you MUST go to Gusto But if you only speak Italian, it’s probably a plus though.. Though the decor was heavy, the food was quite a delight, But clientele was mostly over the hill, nary a youngster in …

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Tartan Pub in Orleans: Good for a pint, as a buffet not so much!

Roy Wallace at Tartan Pub

Perhaps Tartan’s Buffet is better after a few drinks? The Tartan’s hard to find tucked away in this tiny strip mall If we hadn’t been invited, we’d never have found it at all. For me, the buffet’s only fair and the decor’s kind of tired But those servers in their kilts really have to be …

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The Original Pancake House in Jensen Beach is NOT a load of crepe!

Mandarin Crepes

You may be full of crepe when you leave the Original Pancake House There may be some readers who can’t tell pancakes from crêpes, But they’re really quite as different as chimpanzees and apes. The Original Pancake House in Jensen Beach actually does them both, and to go elsewhere for breakfast, I really would be …

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Key Lime Cafe & Grill in Stuart is sweeter than its name implies!

Taquito Trio

Things won’t go sour at Key Lime Cafe & Grill If you’re hungry and in Stuart, don’t miss the Key Lime Grill To find a place this refreshing was really quite a thrill. The food was not the same tired old thing And Island Decor gives the place some zing! And if by chance it’s …

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