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You would have to be an ostrich to not have noticed the explosion of sites and services offering local daily deals on everything from restaurants to furnace cleaning. There is no doubt that there are some great discounts and bargains to be had. The trouble is that we don’t all have the time to monitor all those sites and emails on a daily basis. Also, many of us are only interested in certain types of deals. I currently receive about 10 emails from various sites offering me daily discounts, coupons or time-limited deals for the Ottawa area. On any given day, only 1 or 2 are even of remote interest. If this is a problem you can relate to, we have a solution, at least where food and dining out are concerned.

We have set up a permanent page where we will list all the current and recent deals being offered by the various sites like Groupon, DealFind, Koopon, WagJag, LivingSocial and Team Buy. You can see the full list on the right and, if you prefer, can sign up with each by simply clicking the appropriate logo.

By 9AM each weekday morning, we will update the page so that you can always find the latest offers that relate to dining out and food in general.  Each listing will contain relevant information and will appear as follows:

WagJag Logo Effctive: 14 Mar 2011
Good Thru: 21 Mar 2011
$12 for a $25 Voucher for Ho Lee Pow Chinese Cuisine
Ho Lee Pow Chinese Cuisine Company Information:
Ho Lee Pow Chinese Cuisine
1679 Carling Ave Unit E
Ottawa, ON K2A 1C4
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In addition, in each of our posts we will have a banner which links to the featured deal of the day which will be updated in real time so that each time you visit our site, even if you forget to visit our  Daily Deals Page.It will look like this:
[ad name=”DailyDeal”]
If you subscribe to our feed by clicking the RSS graphic located towards the top of the right-hand column, or elect to receive new posts by email (link also in right-hand column), you will never need to miss another deal. In addition, we will be adding the new sites and services as they come on-stream as seems to be happening at an alarming pace.

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