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Ollie’s in Hells Kitchen made me a New York fan!

Ollies Chinese Restaurant New York

Although I have worked in and around New York, on and off, for the last decade and a half, I rarely have ventured right into Manhattan. On a recent trip to meet up with friends from Germany, we were making our way back to the Port Authority to catch a bus back to our hotel and …

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Hung Fatt: Chinese food without pizzaz in Gloucester

Hung Fatt Chinese Take Out

We have lived in Beacon Hill in Gloucester for almost 15 years now and as long as we can remember, the sign pictured on the left has been a fixture on Montreal Road and Laporte Street. The exterior of the unassuming building has barely changed either in all that time. However, there has been a …

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Go 4 MooShu Pork & Crispy beef at New Dragon Chinese Buffet

New Dragon is not just the same old Chinese food! Another Friday night in search of a Chinese buffet Well, we knew that the New Dragon was not far away. The buffet itself was like most of the rest But food from the menu was really the best Mooshu pork and the like we could …

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Emerald Buffet in Vanier is hardly a gem!

The Usual chinese buffet plate

They’ve got real stones to call this an Emerald! With Emerald in its name, you might think it’s a jewel But I can’t really say that this place made me drool! While it may be true that their variety can’t be beat; You know there’s more to good food than 10 types of meat? Thus, …

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Liangs Village: One man’s junk is another man’s sampan!

Liang’s Village!: Just another Chinese Restaurant? Almost everywhere in Ottawa, Chinese food abounds And for a number of years now, we’ve been doing the rounds Whether buffet or take out, it can all seem the same To all but the newbies, the food’s rather tame! Most believe it is healthy, but you’ll still pack on …

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After 7 years Mandarin Restaurant had a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression!

A little Panderin’ at the Mandarin It had been seven years since we last went to Mandarin, You see, the treatment we got was not exactly pandering! In the end, we were glad that we gave it a chance Especially since we had family in from France! The motto here is, if your service is …

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Just down the road from the Pearl is a Ruby (King)

my plate of food

[ad#Google Adsense links 468×15] I have to start off this week by declaring my bias: I am not generally a fan of Chinese Buffets in general and especially not of RubyKing in particular. Every now and then, simply because it is a favourite of a majority of the Supper Seven, I have to allow my …

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