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If you can go to Mango, you really should!

Forgotten Fish (the name that is!

Quango, Mango, Van Gogh!? In Kingston this summer, we searched for a Quango, For we knew little else would ever rhyme with Mango Where Asian cuisine was superb and the service was great… Not a single precious morsel was left on the plate! If this were a painting, I’d judge it a Van Gogh ūüėČ …

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Seasons Harvest Buffet at Turningstone is a bit of a gamble!

Turningstone, Syracuse

[ad#Google Adsense Banner468x60] Season’s Harvest Buffet is¬† simply Just Okay When you’re at Turningstone to gamble, Your Hunger may be ample Alas, the Harvest Buffet is not great! Though it looks good on the plate! Not so bad if you just want to sample ūüėČ Since Syracuse is the¬†closest reasonably-sized city to the¬†Canadian border and …

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Our guardian angel was mia at Gabriel Pizza in Gloucester

Steak sandwich

[ad#Google Adsense Banner468x60] Where was OUR guardian angel at Gabriel’s? This Friday our choice was Gabriel’s in Shoppers City East, Where pizza’s the mainstay but service is more famine than feast! The pizza was good, but rest was quite poor, And You’d best not be too hungry when you walk through that door… If we …

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Bonomo Ristorante in Burnham on Sea – Molto Buono!

Shrimp Pasta

On a recent trip to the UK, we found ourselves in the unassuming little seaside town of Burnham on Sea in Somerset. One of its biggest claims to fame is that it has the smallest pier! It was the same day that we had stopped at a motorway services en route from Gatwick airport for …

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Motorway Madness or British Breakfast Bonanza? You decide!

English Breakfast, French Coffee!

Since we just recently posted a review of breakfast at John’s Quick Lunch in Westboro and we are just now getting around to finishing off an account of our recent trip to the U.K., this seemed like as good a time as any to add to our Gastronomic Guide to the South of England (albeit …

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John’s Quick Lunch is best for Breakfast

John's Quick Lunch

John’s May not be slick but it’s usually Quick! It’s Saturday in the AM, and we’re looking for a treat… So we head to our friend Garey’s where John’s is just up the street We want a full-blown breakfast – not one that’s sissy and lite! And know that John and his son Tony will …

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Ok, it IS organic but at $3 per cup is it really fair trade?

Mongolian Village

We are regular visitors to the Mongolian Village Grill in the Gloucester Centre in Ottawa’s East End. You can see our previous review here. It remains one of our favourite Ottawa dining spots. However, a small but noticeable change caused me to wonder about how some restaurateurs choose to set their prices and whether this …

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Rideau Carleton Raceway Buffet is usually a good bet!

Dessert table at the Rideau Carleton Buffet

You can always be a winner if you just go here for dinner! When you¬†visit¬†Rideau Carleton, the bank won’t be beat! So save a few pennies¬†then at least you can eat The buffet is quite good and won’t break the bank! Way above average, if not quite Top Rank… And¬†as a sweet¬†ending, the¬†dessert table’s a …

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Fraser Café lives up to expectations

Haddock Steak on Orzo noodles

If you’ve got the time, Fraser’s a great place to Dine! Fraser’s Caf√© is the Un-Chef’s kind of place, Fairly relaxed, definitely not in-your-face We urge you to try the chef’s daily surprise, A feast for your taste buds AND your eyes…. If caf√©s were cards, then Fraser’s an ace! Sometimes, the best dining experiences …

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The Marine Pub, where else but on Seaside!

On our recent trip to the UK (June 2010), we once more found ourselves in our old stomping grounds in Eastbourne. I mean, what’s a trip¬†back home¬†if you can’t visit a few pubs? After a driving tour of Southern England, from Essex, through Kent to Sussex after picking up Christa our daughter and Mik our …

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