The Marine Pub, where else but on Seaside!

Marine Pub, Seaside, Eastbourne, England

In England, no-one walks to the pub anymore!

On our recent trip to the UK (June 2010), we once more found ourselves in our old stomping grounds in Eastbourne. I mean, what’s a trip back home if you can’t visit a few pubs? After a driving tour of Southern England, from Essex, through Kent to Sussex after picking up Christa our daughter and Mik our son in law at Gatwick we had worked up both hunger and thirst! Even though my sister’s house, where we were staying is probably less than a mile away we took two cars to add to the parking nightmare that is Eastbourne.

The Marine seems to be quite popular with the family, since I believe that I have been there on each of my last three visits. It has also given me a reasonable perspective on the food quality and the overall ambience of the place. Although it is by both appearance and function it is primarily a pub, the back section is appointed more like a restaurant than many other pubs which also serve food. As you can see from the picture at left, everyone seems to be having a good time!

Click on menu to download as a pdf file

Since the Marine saw fit to post their complete menu outside, we took a picture of it so you can download it and peruse it at your leisure. I only recently examined the menu myself after having taken the photo. The truth is that I have always ordered from the specials posted above the bar and did not realize that the menu even existed. Nevertheless, they carry a wide range of food at reasonable prices on their regular menu and the daily specials are just the icing on the cake!

English Pub-style fish and chips!

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. The food is good and I will go back again but it IS still a pub. So don’t go expecting gourmet French cuisine or you will probably be sorely disappointed. However if you want good, hot, fresh and tasty pub-style food, then we can heartily recommend the Marine.

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