Wellington Diner serves an above-average breakfast!

Wellington Diner in Westboro

Nothing could be finer than brekky at Wellington Diner!

We weren’t just with any old Tom, Dick or Harry,
But rather, out for breakfast with our good friend Garey!

Although John’s Quick Lunch is oft our normal fare,
the Wellington Diner, it seems, is not too far from there!

And as is turns out is also far from ordinary!

Saturday morning breakfast in Westboro has become somewhat of a tradition for us. This is partially because some of our favourite stores are in that neck of the woods; Bushtukah, Mountain Equipment Coop and Capital Luggage to name but three! This particular week-end, our plausible excuse is that we were looking for winter clothing for our upcoming Christmas sojourn in France where we are being promised some significant exposure to the elements. Yes, I can almost hear you wondering why on earth we would go to France to go winter hiking and/or snowshoeing. Sounds rather like taking coals to Newcastle!

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Where we went: In any event, since we were all feeling a little adventurous and the weather was cooperating, we decided to forgo John’s Quick Lunch and venture just a little further West (only 1 block). I suppose like many others, we had meandered past The Wellington Diner many times without even noticing its presence, even though it is more attractively decorated than many of its competitors. Inside, things were hopping. we were lucky enough to be seated right away, even though, just 10 minutes later there was a considerable line-up. The atmosphere was entirely different to John’s which I would describe as ‘family-oriented’, where the Wellington Diner seems to cater to a younger crowd!

What we ordered: More often than not, we will all order the breakfast special but for some reason, I was feeling adventurous or perhaps just plain contrary. Whatever the motivation, I opted for a ‘Fresh Start’, which included two poached eggs, a sesame bagel with cream cheese along with a bowl of fresh fruit and a small glass of juice. Garey and Dorothy stuck in the mud and ordered the ‘Sunrise Special’. 

What we got: Since I managed to get some reasonable shots of our food, I will once again let the pictures do the talking. I will say that my poached eggs were done to perfection and made a pleasant change. We certainly all enjoyed our meals and agreed that Wellington Diner had earned the chance of a follow-up visit in the future.

Worthy of note: Garey likes his toast burned black. It can be a good measure of the attentiveness of the server, since he rarely leaves any doubt as to how black it can be. The resulting charcoal would only rate a ‘B’ since one could still see some white/brown poking through the black


  • Positives: Good location. Bright, airy and friendly. Food was all one would and could expect in a diner for breakfast. 
  • Negatives: None found! Prices were a little higher than other places but the quality and ambiance justifies the extra IMHO. You will probably have to wait in line unless you are lucky like we were!
  • Recommendation: Worth the wait (if you have to)!
Category Rating Explanation
Food Quality *** Above average
Price $$$ Moderate
Decor *** Lively
Service *** Young
Overall Rating **** Recommended

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Frivolous Foodie Facts

Large doses of coffee can be lethal. Ten grams, or 100 cups over 4 hours, can kill the average human. 

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  1. Sounds great! My husband and I love breakfast and would like to find some new places! Does this restaurant have a decent vegetarian selection?

    1. Hi Pauline! I did some checking, since I took a photograph of the menu and it turns out that they do indeed have a pretty good selection of vegetarian alternatives which are well highlighted!

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