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Kasbah Village: A touch of Morocco in Downtown Ottawa

Alsace Riesling Dopff & Irion Gewürztraminer 2008

Kasbah Village: We’ve been twice &  it’s nice! If by chance you dig the whole Moroccan Scene, Then this is the place to get your Tagine! The ambience, Middle Eastern, the food’s above par! To find somewhere better, you’ll have to go far! The place is a goer, if you know what we mean 😉  …

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The bill wasn’t petit at Petit Bill’s Bistro but…..

Did you know Petit Bill is a Newfie? Petit Bill’s Bistro is not run of the mill, The guys in the kitchen are not without skill. the owners are friendly and the food’s above par The service attentive, so, all’s good thus far But it’s a bit of a downer when you get the bill Every now and …

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I know it’s Twisted but please buy it now before it’s too late!

Cadbury's Twisted Chocolate Bar

Look, it’s not very often that I appeal to my readers for help but this one is near and dear to my heart! Let me start off by admitting that I have always had a weakness for chocolate. Growing up in the UK, I also have a bias towards Cadbury confections. Not that I am …

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The Un-Chef practices what he preaches!

Mandarin Mousse

If you have been following our blog for a while, you will know that we are in the process of having our cookbook published, or rather, our Un-Cookbook! It’s called the Un-Cookbook because, when I cook, I don’t really follow traditional recipes but rather use them the way an author would start with an outline …

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Seasons Harvest Buffet at Turningstone is a bit of a gamble!

Turningstone, Syracuse

[ad#Google Adsense Banner468x60] Season’s Harvest Buffet is  simply Just Okay When you’re at Turningstone to gamble, Your Hunger may be ample Alas, the Harvest Buffet is not great! Though it looks good on the plate! Not so bad if you just want to sample 😉 Since Syracuse is the closest reasonably-sized city to the Canadian border and …

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Ok, it IS organic but at $3 per cup is it really fair trade?

Mongolian Village

We are regular visitors to the Mongolian Village Grill in the Gloucester Centre in Ottawa’s East End. You can see our previous review here. It remains one of our favourite Ottawa dining spots. However, a small but noticeable change caused me to wonder about how some restaurateurs choose to set their prices and whether this …

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Rideau Carleton Raceway Buffet is usually a good bet!

Dessert table at the Rideau Carleton Buffet

You can always be a winner if you just go here for dinner! When you visit Rideau Carleton, the bank won’t be beat! So save a few pennies then at least you can eat The buffet is quite good and won’t break the bank! Way above average, if not quite Top Rank… And as a sweet ending, the dessert table’s a …

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Crabby Joes won where 3 guys and a stove lost

Crabby Joes in Huntsville

There were highs and lows at Crabby Joes! 3 Canucks and 2 frogs were in Huntsville,” And Needing their stomachs to fill! 3 Guys and a Stove was their first choice but wait times and price didn’t thrill! Crabby Joes was much cheaper, In fact I’d say it’s a keeper… And no surprises came with …

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Between Willie and Juan’s and T’Basil it was a Thai

Seafood Shabu Shabu

Willie and Juan’s Thai’d by T’Basil It didn’t really seem like such a tall order, We just wanted food from South of the Border! Willie and Juan’s that’s where we were led But across the road at T’Basil is where we were fed Forty-Five minutes waiting is just sheer murder… The Supper Seven were all …

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Barley Mow in Orleans – much more than Pub Food

Barley Mow at Tenth Line in Orleans, Ottawa

The Diner’s Lament The Supper Seven have a weekly plight: Where do we eat of a Friday night? I know, said Debbie, just where to go: A place in Orleans called The Barley Mow And by gosh, do you know, she was right… Our choice of restaurant for the Supper Seven’s usual Friday night jaunt was …

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