I know it’s Twisted but please buy it now before it’s too late!

Cadbury's Twisted Chocolate Bar

Cadbury's Easter Bunny move over; here comes Twisted!

Look, it’s not very often that I appeal to my readers for help but this one is near and dear to my heart!

Let me start off by admitting that I have always had a weakness for chocolate. Growing up in the UK, I also have a bias towards Cadbury confections. Not that I am against an occasional foray into the more exotic (and expensive) realms of Swiss and Belgian offerings. I am fervently hoping that Kraft will not upset the apple cart by messing with a good thing now that they finally got their grubby mitts on a significant piece of British heritage 🙁

A couple of years ago now, on one of my regular jaunts to Jolly Olde Blighty, I happened across a new chocolate bar from Cadbury. For as long as I can remember, one of my favourite parts of Easter was the appearance, usually in late February or early March of the Cadbury Easter Bunny. Originally, there was only one size and style of Cadbury Easter Egg and I loved them. Just like strawberries, they were available for a short period and then were gone until the following year. You had to make the most of their appearance because, unless you had the foresight to store them in the freezer, they had a fairly limited shelf-life before they would become dry and unappetizing. My only real beef with the original egg was that the ratio of filling to egg made it rather too sweet (is that even possible for a sweet?). When Cadbury finally came out with the bite-sized creme eggs, I thought that I must have died and gone to heaven! However, they were hard to find and outrageously expensive.

You can imagine my glee then when I happened across the Twisted bar. It was as if Cadbury had read my mind and produced my ideal confection. Just the right balance of creamy chocolate and silky white and yellow filling. And in the shape of a candy bar that was much easier to consume without getting ones fingers and chops  slathered in gooey syrup! The problem was, it was only available in the UK. Therefore, I asked that every parcel sent for birthdays and Xmas etc.,  contain its fair share of Twisted bars. And, of course, on my own trips I Would pick up as many as was possible without raising suspicions of smuggling at Canadian Customs.

Latterly, the flow seemed to have fallen off rather dramatically and my mother informed me that, for some unknown reason, she was having trouble locating my guilty pleasures. Just when all was starting to seem doom and gloom, Dorothy came home with a sly grin and announced that she had found something that would make my day! At first, I thought perhaps she had found a way to banish the pesky fruit flies from our kitchen but then I found it was something even better and she removed the gleaming red, blue and gold treasure from her bag! It turns out that Walmart is now selling Twisted in Canada! They are available right at the cash (in the Ottawa Trainyards location at any rate!). Even better news lies in the fact that the wrapper states that they are imported (not made under licence in North America). I can attest via multiple taste tests that they are the real McCoy….

So here is my plea! Whether you have or have not yet sampled this ambrosia-like confection be sure to pick some up on your next trip to WallyWorld (or anywhere else where they may pop up!) and help support my addiction. People, if we do not rally round and support the cause, Twisted will become an endangered species and you will be stuck with those inferior dollop drops the Hershey Kiss (of Death!)


  1. I know! I lived in the UK for a while and loved those things. And yesterday, I saw them at the Dollorama in Hull! Awsome.

    • Sophie on October 2, 2010 at 9:55 pm
    • Reply

    They are in Australia! Available at Woolworths supermarket only. I’ve been buying them up like crazy, hoping the suppliers will think they are in demand and keep supplying…. but I noticed the other day they were marked down even further – uh oh, that spells trouble.

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