Perkins in Ottawa does a great breakfast all day long!

Perkins Family Restaurant at St. Laurent
Perkins provides perfectly proficient pancakes
At Perkins, its breakfast they really do right
You can eat it whenever, morning, noon or night.
And whether Regular or decaf, coffee’s always at hand
And their Choco French Silk pie is totally grand
Just don’t go expecting your food to be ‘lite’!
Did you miss me? I must admit that I have fallen way behind the eight ball in keeping up with my posts for the last couple of weeks. It’s not because we have not been dining out, it is because I have been busy doing other things on and off the Internet. As a consequence, I will now have to work fast to catch up.
Where we went: Recently, when friends were staying over from Toronto, we were looking for somewhere in Ottawa’s East End for a late-morning breakfast. Perkins at St. Laurent and Ogilvie/Coventry opposite St. Laurent Shopping Center was chosen as the perfect spot. It is somewhat surprising that Perkins has not chosen to open other locations in the National Capital area, since this one is almost always operating at or close to capacity. This day proved to be no exception.

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What we ordered: Well, obviously, we ordered breakfast. Since I only took pictures of my own meal, I cannot give you chapter and verse on what the others ordered with the exception of Ian who selected potato pancakes with which he was relatively content. For myself, since I have generally liked Perkins’ pancakes in the past, I chose the two egg  breakfast with peameal bacon and pancakes.

What we got: If you take a look at the photograph below, you may think that the bacon on the plate does not look like the peameal variety and you would be right. Of course, once we pointed out the error, they offered to make the switch but it took rather a long time for the replacement to arrive, by which time, I had almost completed my meal. The picture of the pancakes, on the other hand, really doesn’t do them justice, since they were much better tasting than they appear. Of the chain restaurants, Perkins would come close to the top of my list in consistent quality of their pancake offerings. Another plus, if you are a coffee drinker, is the limitless supply of hot regular or decaf coffee from the jug left at the table.
Worthy of note: If you have room, try their desserts, I can particularly recommend the French Silk Chocolate, Coconut and banana pies.
  • Positives: Good food. Relatively fast service for a restaurant that is almost always busy.
  • Negatives: They use margarine rather than butter!
  • Recommendation: For all-day breakfast, this is probably your best bet
Category Rating Explanation
Food Quality *** Above average
Price $$$ Not cheap
Decor *** Reasonable
Service *** No complaints
Overall Rating *** Above average

Frivolous Foodie Facts
British Breakfast: One third of adults, in the United Kingdom, will have bacon and egg for breakfast at the weekend.



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