March 2011 archive

Key Lime Cafe & Grill in Stuart is sweeter than its name implies!

Taquito Trio

Things won’t go sour at Key Lime Cafe & Grill If you’re hungry and in Stuart, don’t miss the Key Lime Grill To find a place this refreshing was really quite a thrill. The food was not the same tired old thing And Island Decor gives the place some zing! And if by chance it’s …

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Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm makes the week-ends sweet!


Don’t be a sap! Check out the sugarbush at Stanley’s Olde Maple Lane Farm Out in Edwards, to find Stanley’s you’ll likely need a map! But the trip’s well worth it with Maple Syrup on tap! You’ll find the farm is exciting, the food it is hearty It’s a great location for a sweet wedding …

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Shooters Waterfront Cafe may or may not float your boat!

Shooters really misses the mark! Back in Fort Lauderdale and Mike says we’ll go to Shooters I think that name suggests either big guns or Small hooters For the fare that’s on offer, the prices are steep, And, if you like your liquor, at the bill you will weep, But still, it employs the students …

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