The Trident on Albert Parade: trid’ent true

The Trident Fish & Chip restaurant on Albert parade, Eastbourne, Sussex

The Trident Fish & Chip Restaurant

It wouldn’t be a normal trip to Eastbourne if we didn’t make our usual pilgrimage to the Trident Fish Restaurant on Albert Parade. You can be forgiven if you feel that the place looks more like a bank than a restaurant because in a former life, that is exactly what it was. However, for the last few years it has been one of the best places to go in Eastbourne to get a traditional fish & chip meal. It is my wife Dorothy (on the right of picture above) who absolutely insists on eating here each visit having been smitten well over a decade ago!

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One of the things that I find different about restaurants in the UK as opposed to Canada is that the owners, by and  large, are less more down-to-earth and personable. Perhaps it is because it is often a husband and wife team and they are head-cook and bottle-washer between them. There is not really any room for pretension. In any event, in almost every establishment we visited, I got to meet and chat with at least one of the owners. Quite different from some of my experiences in Canada where restaurant owners can sometimes come off as either elitist or stand-offish! The couple that run the Trident, true to form, were affable and efficient. I have to say that fish and chips would not rank in my top 10 choices of meal but if you want to experience it as the Brits do it, you won’t find a better bellwether than the Trident!

Swordfish steakThe food here has remained consistent over the years and I have typically confined myself to either cod or haddock and chips. Today I was feeling adventurous and decided to go with the swordfish (pictured at right). I have eaten swordfish both in Canada and in Barbados and was curious to see how it would compare. As you can see it was lightly battered and about 1.5 inches thick. The flesh was dense and slightly sweet not altogether dissimilar to a tuna steak though perhaps a little less chewy. Although I quite enjoyed it, I could not say that I prefer it to cod or haddock.

All things being equal, our next trip to Eastbourne will include yet another trip to the Trident!


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