The Malthouse in Hailsham: A great place to munch your lunch!

It was the last full day of our recent trip back to the UK and we were treated to lunch by my parents, John & Daphne, after having done the rounds of one of the local garden stores. Hailsham is more than just a mere stone’s throw from Eastbourne but I can easily understand why locals might be tempted to make the trip to The Malthouse. Located right on the busy Hailsham Road in Herstmonceux and with only four parking spots available, access and egress can be a little bit hairy to say the least.

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The first thing that I noticed about the Malthouse was the fact that the co-owner greeted John & Daphne like long-lost friends and immediately made us feel welcome and special. Being the converted house that it so obviously is made the layout a little disjointed but the large windows make it seem light and airy.

Traditional Toad-in-the-hole!

The food was fairly typical English Fare and I personally ordered toad-in-the-hole, which for the uninitiated is bangers (sausages) cooked in batter or Yorkshire pudding. I suppose that one of the aspects of British cooking that might strike those unfamiliar with it, is the relative lack of spices, flavourings and sauces. Indeed, if I were eating this way all the time, I would miss those things but on holiday as we were, this was just fine with me.

Where the Brits really excel, in my opinion, is with the desserts. Incidentally, they call them variously: sweet, pudding or afters but rarely dessert!

My selection was the one in the centre, a soft melt-in-the-mouth meringue base filled with whipped cream (the real stuff!) and topped off with pineapple and kiwi and finally drizzled with raspberry coulis! Mmm! I can still taste it now….

This was to turn out to be our final eat-out meal of this trip and it was a great way to end our gastronomic adventures.

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