Only 100 Calories? Personally, I’ll take the Chocolate!

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It seems that just about everybody these days is counting calories! Dr. Oz, the latest of Oprah’s fitness gurus is always enticing us to eat healthy with some new Superfood! Personally, I find it all a little too much. My personal motto is: ‘What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!’ Anyway, for those of you determined to eat in a more healthy manner, here are some interesting replacements for junk food when those hunger pangs start gnawing at your insides!

100 Calorie Chocolate barThose 100-calorie snack packs are tasty, convenient, and perfectly portioned for calorie counters. And they’re selling like iPhones on opening day. But what’s nutritious about a handful of Cheese Nips or Oreo Thins (even with no creamy centers to lick!)? Instead, try these 10 far healthier 100-calorie treats. Stash them in your desk drawer, fridge, and/or car — wherever hunger pangs hit you. The best part: Most will curb your appetite for hours because they’re high in filling fiber or satisfying protein.

via Snack smackdown: the 10 healthiest 100-calorie treats – Beauty Eats on Yahoo! Canada Lifestyle.


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