Sep 27

Rumblebellys on Seaside in Eastbourne makes a mean burger!

Rumblebellys Seaside EastbourneThey tell me that Rumblebellys has been situated on Seaside Road in Eastbourne for a very long time.  Checking out their website tells me that, in fact, it has been 37 years. That explains why I was unfamiliar with it, since I left Eastbourne as a teenager some 41 years ago. Of course, I still go back on a frequent basis but have not kept up with all the comings and goings of the town.

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On this particular visit, Rumblebellys was suggested as a good spot to go for supper. I must say that living in North America for the last 37 years, I do not expect to come to England and start eating burgers, however I went along with the idea, as much out of curiosity as anything else. Up to this point, when I think of England and burgers, the only thing that comes to mind is Wimpey’s. I don’t even know if they still exist, but as a youngster, if you wanted a burger, you went to Wimpy’s.

Hawaiian Burger with tangy chili sauce
Hawaiian Burger with tangy chili sauce

Now, I have to admit that I am not very often a fan of burgers. The idea of all that bread along with fries (or chips as they are called in the UK), is all a little too much starch for me at one sitting. That being said, I must also say that the Hawaiian Burger that I had (pictured at left) was quite enjoyable even though the picture does not perhaps do it justice. It was much more juicy and succulent than it looks.

Treacle Sponge and Custard
Treacle Sponge and Custard

I even managed to save some room for dessert (sweet or pudding in the UK). Treacle sponge and custard has long been one of my favourites, such that you will find un-recipes for both in our own Un-Cookbook. This one was delicious. My only slight gripe might be that there was not enough custard in that little pot!

Although I would not be quick to go back again, that is only because of my aforementioned bias against hamburger joints in general. If you are a burger aficionado then Rumblebellys should definitely be on your wish-list if it is not already.

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