Beavertails on the Rideau Canal show Ottawa at its best!

Beavertails and the Rideau Canal

make Winter in Ottawa bearable!

Some might find it rather banal,
How oft I skate the Rideau Canal

To yet others, it might seem unending…
But I know a Beavertail’s impending!

So it’s worth it after all!

Ottawa may not be the most exciting city in the world and once old man winter gets us in his grips, warmer climes seem to beckon all the more. Nevertheless, there are some distinct advantages to living in one of the most Northern of national capitals. Although Europe has recently seen its fair share of cold and snow, there are still no major cities where one can skate 14km or more right through the heart of the city. Even if Winnipeg has ignominiously stolen our claim to the longest continuous ice surface, they will have a long way to go to beat out Ottawa’s Winterlude. Besides, who really wants to go to Winnipeg? In any event, they cannot claim to be the home of Ottawa’s second best claim to fame: Beavertails!


Of course, you can always get a Beavertail on the Byward Market but these deep-fried golden nuggets taste especially good at the end of a vigorous skate along the Rideau Canal from the National Arts Centre to Dows Lake. If you don’t feel up to making the entire trip before giving way to your cravings, have no fear because there is also a kiosk located about half way near Lansdowne Park.

Though there are now many varied toppings available, our personal favourite remains the Killaloe Sunrise. The freshly squeezed lemon juice and sprinkling of brown sugar are the perfect accompaniment to the crispy golden batter. It is also one variety where the toppings do not ooze onto your gloves or other articles of clothing. Occasionally though, just to change things up a little, we might order the one slathered in Nutella. Not too healthy, you might say. However, after all that invigorating fresh air and exercise, you can allow yourself this small indulgence. If you still feel bad, just skate it off!  😉

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Frivolous Foodie Facts

The beaver uses its tail as a rudder and to store fat in the winter (the tail will enlarge up to three times its normal size). The tail also serves as a “third leg” (kickstand) for support during tree cutting and it is used to slap the water as a warning signal. The beaver does not use its tail to pack mud and build as is often show in cartoons.

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