Coconut Lagoon, a hidden Oasis in Ottawa’s East End

Coconut Lagoon

We’ll go back soon to Coconut Lagoon!

Yet again, we found ourselves in a usual plight….
All our favourite spots were packed on this Friday night!
From Wild Wing we flew ’cause vacancies were few
For a while, the Supper Seven were in a right stew!
But Coconut Lagoon was nearby so it turned out alright!

You would perhaps have thought that we would have learned our lesson by now. After all, we’ve been going out to eat in Ottawa on Friday nights for quite a few years now. Although the Pizza Huts and Swiss Chalets will usually have little problem finding a table for seven with a minimum of fuss and waiting time, most other dining establishments, the majority of which will not accept (last minute) reservations are more often problematic. Thus it was that we found ourselves, tonight our ranks swollen to nine people at Wild Wing at on St. Laurent Blvd. facing a 40 minute wait. Even adults may have a hard time facing such an eternity with a growling stomach, but our 3 angels, Fayth, Lara and Amber are just not up to it.

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Where we went: Fortunately, one of our group recalled that there was an Indian restaurant in the neighbourhood that we had not frequented for quite some time. Indeed, it had been so long that none of us could really recall what our impressions of the establishment were! Even though there was no space in the small parking lot adjacent to the restaurant, we parked on a nearby street and decided to take a chance. Although this restaurant was also full, the host/manager assured us that they could make space for us in the back room and that although the wait for our main course might be longer than usual, he would rush through our order for any starter to tide us over.

Carib is West Indian not South Indian beer!What we ordered: Now I am not generally a hard person to please and even when I am impatient and hungry, I can be easily mollified with the appropriate liquid inducement. Although the exterior sign claimed that the house specialty was South Indian dishes, the name reminded me rather of the Caribbean and this impression was strengthened by the presence of Carib beer on the menu. Ian and I got into the Island spirit (?) right away! Taking up the solution proffered by our host, we promptly ordered soup and samosas to get started and then ordered a variety of dishes to be shared by all. 

Coconut Lagoon PlateWhat we got: As promised, the soup and samosas arrived in short order and were quickly devoured and declared delicious by all and sundry. At this point, the level of hunger was such that  cardboard and dishwater would likely have met with decent reviews. However, even when the edge had been taken away, as the main dishes arrived, we were not disappointed. Although we had ordered medium-spicy or mild, some of the dishes were on the hotter side. Nevertheless, on the whole, everyone was satisfied.

Worthy of note: When we eat Indian food, we will tend to measure it against that of  The Pearl of India which we particularly like. Although comparable in quality and price, quantity was less which meant that we had none to take home for Saturday lunch as we normally would at the Pearl. Also, rather than serving Naan bread, which is  particular favourite of all three girls, Coconut Lagoon serves Paratha bread. It is flatter and a little bit greasy (see on left of plate pictured) but it was almost as good.


  • Positives: They say: “the devil drives when needs must!” but we were happy to have taken the chance. The attention and service we received made us promise ourselves and our host that we would be back in the not too distant future. 
  • Negatives: None really except the lack of excess food for doggy!
  • Recommendation: Definitely worth a try if you like Indian food! Even if you think you don’t, you might be converted! 
Category Rating Explanation
Food Quality *** Good
Price $$$ moderate
Decor *** Average
Service **** Above average
Overall Rating *** Deserves a try

Frivolous Foodie Facts

Falling coconuts kill 150 people every year – 10 times the number of people killed by sharks.


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    • A Sheffield on February 13, 2011 at 3:01 pm
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    Coconut Lagoon also has a great lunch buffet during the week (I think they do Sunday as well). Definitely worth a try.

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