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The Un-Chef’s Top Ten sauce and marinade ingredients

Soy Sauce

[ad#Google Adsense links 468×15] Okay, I will confess that I am a sauce and marinade junkie! While others get their jollies perusing the cookie or candy aisle in the supermarket, I have trouble pulling myself away from all those exotic and enticing glass bottles full of liquid promise. To me, there are certain small additions …

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Eggseptionally easy three cheese asparagus and mushroom omelette

Three Cheese Asparagus and Mushroom Omelette

[ad#Google Adsense links 468×15] Sometimes, you just don’t feel like cooking up a storm, but are not quite ready to break down and throw a frozen pizza in the oven or call the nearest Chinese take-out. Omelettes are designed for just such a situation. Last week, having pulled nothing from the freezer and having nothing …

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Spice it up a little at Chahaya Malaysia

Malaysian, Indonesian & Vegetarian Cuisine

[ad#Google Adsense links 468×15] Since this friday was Good Friday, Dorothy and I decided that rather than completely foregoing our weekly dining out treat, we would simply change the date to thursday. This meant that instead of our normal seven, it was just the two of us and our options were much broader than is …

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Study: A small dose of chocolate could cut heart attack or stroke risk by almost 40 per cent – Yahoo! Canada News

My private medicine chest

“Previous studies have suggested dark chocolate in small amounts could be good for you, but this is the first study to track its effects over such a long period of time. Experts think the flavonols contained in chocolate are responsible. Flavonols, also found in vegetables and red wine, help the muscles in blood vessels widen, …

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